Easy Street Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter by Azjune


Easy street


I have been following Bonnie Hunter's blog for quite a while and have more recently been trying to catch her on the quilt cam.  When she recently announced that she would be hosting a mystery quilt along, I was interested, but decided against it since I tend to have too many irons in the fire.  Well......  I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Several of the podcasters have been talking about this mystery quilt and there is a Flickr group set up for it, and Bonnie will be posting about it, so I changed my mind and jumped in.

11-29-12  Yesterday was the end of week 1.  I stopped at Joann's on my way home and got just enough fabric to get me started and was able to enter my blog post about it on Bonnie's link up before it closed for the week.

I still need to get more of the white with black print fabrics for the background and also the greens, purples and turquoise/teals.  I will be heading back to Joann's today for atleast the purples since that is the color way used for week 2, which starts today.

If you are interested in joining in on the sew along, click on "Tutorial" on this page.

1-14-13  I have all of the Triangle 1 and Triangle 2 units assembled.  Block B parts are all sewn into rows and most of Block B parts are sewn into rows.  I am stacking and pinning the rows for each block and then will press all of the row seams before stitching the rows into blocks.

1-20-13  The quilt TOP is FINISHED!!! 

Even though I feel like I have finished, there is still so much to do.  I have not decided yet if I will add any border.  I also am not sure what type of batting I would like to use.  I need to find a backing fabric and decide how I want the quilt to be quilted.  Mostly, I just need a break from this HUGE project and take some time to do other projects, so this one is officially being designated as a UFO for now. 

5-31-13  I think I am ready to get this quilt finished.  Today, I am trying to decide on borders.  I do want to add them, and I am pretty sure what I want to use, I am just not sure of how big to make them.  I want to make a thin accent border next to the quilt, probably using one of the teal fabrics. Then I want a wider outer border using the grey/gray that is used in the quilt.  It will be on a queen size bed.  I want it to go all the way to the top edge of the head of the bed and to hang an even distance on the remaining 3 sides, long enough to extend slightly past the mattress, but not so long that it looks too big for the bed.    Since this is my first bed size quilt, all of this info is new to me.

6-1-13   Borders decision has been made!  I am using the polka-dotted teal/aqua as the thin inner border.  It is cut at 1.25" to finish at .75 inch.  The outer border is a black on white print that I am also using as the backing fabric.  It is cut at 4".  I will then use the gray/grey that is through out the quilt for the binding.

6-9-13  I purchased 9.5 yards of the backing fabric thinking I might have a lot left over.  After cutting the strips for the front outer borders, I had just enough to cut into 3 even lengths that were then pieced into a 3 panel quilt back.  I do have left overs from cutting the excess off of the outer edges and will try to use it and more of the left overs for pillows.    Today, I got all 3 layers spray basted and it is ready to quilt.  Now I need to decide on a quilting pattern.  I will be quilting it on my Baby Lock Tiara (twins with HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen).


Doing some ditch stitching on my DSM to stabilize it before starting FMQ on Tiara. I was watching Ann L. Peterson's class on Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine.
Basted and ready to quilt.
I needed to use 3 widths of backing. (Full width in center and aprox 2/3 width on each side).
9.5 yds backing fabric. Enough for 3 panels for back and outer borders on front.
A black on white that I am using as the backing will be the outer border. I will use the grey/gray that is used through out the quilt for the binding.
The polka-dotted teal/aqua is the first border.
Deciding on size of borders.
Finished Top
Corners And Setting Triangles Complete The Layout
"B" Blocks Set into Place
"A" Blocks Laid Out
Triangle 1
Triangle 2
Gray as my "constant" fabric choice.
Backing fabric.
Background fabrics. I have 6 but plan to gather more.





Loooking good so far.


Love the black and white prints! Can't wait to see how the QAL goes!


Nice selection of fabrics.


Love you colors/fabrics...those black and white prints are amazing!


Well it is a gorgeous UFO! Well done and after a break from it I am sure you will finish off this beauty!


That is truly gorgeous. Your fabric choices are great. Nice job.


Its a great UFO!! I am glad I decided to just go with a half sized pattern.
As I suspected from the beginning, a true "easy" one from Bonnie is still a challenge for me!


This looks like it was made for me - my favorite colors with black and white! Congratulations on a beautiful first quilt.


Seriously this just gets better and better...what a gem!


Sbbquilter True Thank you!


Amazing quilt-really great!


Beautiful quilt! Love the photo of your hallway with that massive length of fabric down the center.


This quilt looks anything but "Easy Street". OMG it's beautiful! I would love to see a picture of it on your quilting machine!


Terryt1955 I just finished some ditch stitching on my sewing machine to stabilize it before doing FMQ. I will post a photo one day this week when I finally get it onto my Tiara.

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