Kiki's Kaleidoscope Quilt by Jennifleur




July 2, 2010: My sister has been bugging me for a decade to make her a quilt. Okay, so - I'm finally getting around to it! She's a big fan of batiks which is nice since I really like them myself AND she let me pick the pattern (she chose the colors) so it should be a fun little project. I'm making her a kaleidoscope quilt. I still have four more yards to buy just to get all the blocks made (never mind the border, backing or binding...) What I've purchased so far I've also cut out. I really wanted to have all the fabric bought, washed and cut before heading out to Sister's next weekend. I'm excited to work on it.

Nov. 16, 2010: Making progress on my sister's quilt for Christmas... I have about half the inner part of the top pieced. Still am not entirely sure how I'll quilt it - always the hardest part for me.

Nove. 18, 2010: So *sometimes* I don't really plan out the quilts I make but just sort of start making them. This is lovely most of the time and works out if it doesn't really need to be a specific size or if it's really scrappy (have I mentioned I like scrappy?) so I can just chunk in fabric or two if I run short. Well... this time? Not working out so well. Ug. 

I promised my sister I'd make her a quilt so back in June, so I bought some fabric, picked a pattern and off I went thinking I'd just add a bit more if I hadn't bought quite enough. Well... then I was working on it and you saw the picture from the last post. I finished more then half of it and (foolishly) sewed together what I'd done. Now I realize that I don't have enough to make all the dark squares. I'm a dozen shy of finishing it and thought I *must* have some of the left over cream colored fabrics somewhere. I ripped apart my sewing room looking for them yesterday afternoon. Alas, I either don't have them or can't find them. With a limited amount of space and lack of planning I'm thinking I just ran out. I was able to find a few scraps of them in my scraps bin but nothing substantial. 

So last night I ran off to Fabric Depot to see if I could find any of the original fabrics from the cream set I'd bought in June. HA! Fat chance. I was really surprised to actually find one. Their turnover is amazing (being the largest fabric/quilt shop in Oregon and possibly the US) they bus people in to shop there. So yeah. I had to buy more fabric than I probably needed just to get the variety of scrappiness. I guess there's always a need for light/cream colored fabrics in blocks so it probably won't go to waste. 

Anyway now my beef is I'm going to have a whole new set of creams to mix in - which would be lovely, except to say that I've already sewed up so much of the quilt. Gah. I've got four rows of seven blocks left. I guess I can sew two to the top of the five rows I've already sewn and two to the bottom. I just really do NOT want to have to rip seams to get a better mix. Meh. I just really, really hope I have enough of the dark teal fabrics left to finish the dark blocks.... It's gonna be close. Guess I need to go count triangles. 

Next time I am SO pre-planning! lol

Nov. 19, 2010: Well I made it to the fabric store and managed to only find one of the former cream fabrics that I was using before. I found a second one in the same pattern but a slightly different colorway. There are so few blocks left and they'll still be intermingled in with the other lighter blocks that use the older creams, so I don't think it'll be overly noticeable. I also have just enough of the dark teal pieces left to finish the inner part of the quilt. Whew~ I also found a beautiful fabric for the outer 7" border.

Dec. 10, 2010: Well, I've managed to get my sister's top finally all pulled together. I swear some quilts just go smooth as silk and others burden you with so much grief. Can you guess what kind this one is?! Grief is all I've gotten from this thing! I wasn't paying attention when building my blocks originally and did half of them wrong so I had to rip them and remake them. Then I planned out a border that I realized I've have to buy three extra yards of fabric just to make it all fit and return the queen size batting for a king, so I redesigned it but now I've got extra fabric I didn't need to buy, etc. etc. etc. Even pinning tonight I ran out of my curved basting pins (this AFTER buying an extra pack of 100 before I started). I have a gut feeling that the quilting itself isn't going to go smoothly either but I'm putting it off till tomorrow because I'm just tired tonight. I will make the long trip to the one fabric shop tomorrow I know has machine needles that my sewing machine adores - hopefully that will stave off any difficulties I might get while trying to quilt over seams (which is where my machine gets cranky). It's a large queen size... I think it's 90" x 100 and something.

Dec. 15, 2010: For whatever reason the SR is not happy when I sew over seams while also having a flannel back. I love flannel on the back of a quilt... it makes it so warm and cosy. My friend Heatherhas been encouraging me to let go of the SR and learn to self regulate. Well I had the thread bread six times while trying to quilt just one of the 12" motifs. I knew then that there was no way I could make it all the way though all the quilting I had to do if it was going to keep going that way. So I let the SR go. It wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be! How wonderful that she had more faith in me then I did in myself. Thanks Heather! See? My stitches are pretty even and small. Yay! Of course I still have a long way to go and need loads more practice but it's a start.

I also was planning on using two different thread colors for this quilt. I stitched up four of the 12" motifs before I realized that the dark teal color looked ghastly. I had done a wee bit of the border in a cream thread and decided it was loads better.... SO last night I started picking out all the thread and starting those sections all over. Maybe you can see the difference in this picture... the light triangle block in the lower right has the cream thread while the light triangle block in the upper left is using the dark teal thread... yack. I still have to pick that one out and redo it.

Jan. 12, 2011: I finally picked out the last of the last of the dark stitches and have been able to move forward with actual quilting (in the cream colored thread). Yay progress! I think I might want to sneak in some writing somewhere in the quilting and not tell her, to make it fun. I'll have to wait to see how long it takes her to notice it. Heehee.

Jan. 26, 2011: Sunday was not a good quilting day. I was in the middle of working on my sister's quilt when my kiddo comes into my sewing room with a red permanent marker. (Where did she get that?!) Yes. You can imagine what happened next. I nearly knocked her over in my rush to run from my sewing room to the laundry room, quilt in hand, to hit the effected area with a stain remover. The good news is, I was able to get most of it out. The bad news, it was sitting there mostly stain free but also with a couple of spots of stain remover on it. The stain remover isn't supposed to dry on the fabric so I really needed to wash it out. However, because it's still all mostly pinned together, there's no way I could put it in a washing machine. I knew if I didn't treat it right away though it'd have a permanent mark. So after I sprayed it, I tried my best to rinse out just those spots. There was a big drippy chunk of it that then needed drying. I draped it over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom where it took all day and night to dry out enough to move back into the sewing room. 

Dec. 4, 2012: ...aaaand that was sort of the straw that broke the camels back. So much drama with this quilt!  I basically decided I hated it after that and it's now sat in my sewing room all folded up, just waiting to be quilted.  In the meantime I've started a whole other top for my sister.  SO.  I am determined to finish this though, at some point soon.  Really in 2013 I'd like to get it off my plate.  Which is why it's now listed here so I won't be able to ignore it any longer.  It's going in my UFO list for the WINTER 2012/2013 UFO Challenge Group.  






OMG what a quilt story and I can see why it has sat and waited but yes now is its moment and it will shine!!! Go Jenn go!!! it will be gorgeous!


That is quite a history for this quilt. It is beautiful though! You can do it!


It looks lovely though. Will make someone feel warm and snuggly cuddled underneath it too.


I think everyone in BOTH groups should send you 2 FQ each if you get this done for all the grief you have gone through with this quilt! OMG I would have lost it over the red marker incident. That being said it really is a lovely soothing quilt despite it's history.Pom poms are waving for you in San Jose!


Terryt1955 So agree!!!


LOL... you guys are funny. Terryt1955 & True ...and you're on! Ha!


Terryt1955 and True , I think I might be finally getting my midarm next month (fingers and toes crossed!) and when I do I'm not putting it on the frame until I finish quilting this sucker. Ha! And BTW you guys are AMAZING for having read the saga that's been the story of this quilt! (You too Ajdub )


Midarm,midarm,what's that? Are you going to be getting one of those fancy fandangled contraptions that will allow you to quilt up a storm? I can't imagine what fun you're going to have when you already can do such a great job FMQ on your home machine. BUt seriously, what is a midarm?


Jennifleur OK if you do what you do quilting wise on your current machine I can only imagine you on a midarm!! How exciting... and the 2 FQ's will be waiting;-)


Terryt1955 It's like a stumpy long arm! It's a sewing machine with a 13" throat. I wish I could afford some fancy long armed Gammill. Ah someday! I'm hoping I can get good enough to make a bit of extra $$ by quilting for people. I'd put that money into an account to save up for a bigger machine. Gotta start somewhere.


I did a search for "kaleidoscope quilt" to get some ideas for my PMQG BOM. (Not like me to wait till two days before it's due!) This block has me stumped. It's really hard for me to visualize what it will look like all put together, especially considering I have no idea what the other blocks will look like. I love your batik version. Too bad all its drama sent it to the UFO pile!


Juline , now that I have the mid arm it's my first priority to get it done... just as soon as school starts and my in-laws go back home (in two weeks). It's alway something! lol Keep your peepers peeped on IG, you might see it again soon(ish)

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