My Precious QAL - with Bohemian by Emedoodle




***Update*** After having the friendship stars pieced about a month ago - I finally decided on a size for this quilt today and added the border. I"m still unsure about the size. I went with what works best (to me) design wise, which finishes at about 37" square. Not quite a baby quilt, but not a doll quilt either. I am struggling a bit about this, but I think it looks best with that wide border. We'll see.  I wrote a bit more here on my blog:

***Update*** All my fabrics are cut and the HST's are sewn and pressed. On to the next step, maybe tonight!

***Update*** I just received a bit of amazing in the mail! A flickr friend offered to send me some of her Bohemian "scraps" and they're AMAZING! I can't believe my luck! I have another set of "scraps" coming soon too... I can't believe how kind flickr friends are!

I'm just starting this project... it's a quiltalong on flickr where we're all encouraging each other to use that special fabric that we're afraid to cut. 

I'm using my teeny stash of Anna Maria Horner's Bohemian (from about 2006?) to make myself a little doll quilt. We'll see if I can work up the nerve to cut them! They're small pieces... less than a fat eighth. I would love to find more of it... but I got it in a swap (how lucky am I?)






What a great swap! Those are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you make with them.


Dang you're so lucky to have these! Can't wait to see what you're gonna make!


That's awesome Emily! Quilters sure are generous with their scraps.


Gorgeous fabric...cannot wait to see what you do!


What is a thangle? I will go google as well...


Thangles are pre-printed stirps of paper that make making HST's as simple as can be -- they're made in Wisconsin and it's a small company that only sells to LQS's so they may be hard to come by - but you can order them of their website I'm sure. A guild member friend of mine is close friends with the couple who owns/runs thangles and that won me over! :)


Thank you another new idea!!


Very pretty and love blog post...will hope for a special someone to be able to use it for you;-)


Loving this!


Stunning - these fabrics are great! I'll have to check out thangles (its fun just to say that word!!)


Love the off set border. What an adorable little quilt. :)


Oh my gosh, I love that fabric! This is going to be adorable!


Emedoodle Do you feel like it is too big for a wall quilt as it is or don't have a wall to put it on? How about the back of a chair or couch as is? Guess I am asking why size does not work for you? Of course you could cut borders down but since you wanted the offset border I would start with what are the potential uses for it at its current size. I know for myself sometimes I need to broaden my thoughts on how something can be used...but you may have already done that thus my questions;-)!


Beautiful quilt, Emedoodle ! I was wondering the same thing as True . What makes you say the size doesn't work for you? Is it because you want the quilt to be used/well loved versus hanging on a wall or a decorative throw on furniture? Personally, I love the offset border and thinks it works well with the quilt. My vote would be to increase the border on one end to make it a tad longer. You'd then have a perfect baby quilt.


I think 37" is just about acceptable for a baby quilt, so if you like it as it is, quilt it, put on a bright multicoloured binding, give it to someone with a small baby, and stop worrying about it! If you really feel that it's too small for a baby quilt and are prepared to undo and redo the basting, I'd suggest adding a second border of something scrappy with the fabrics you've used (this is when you tell me you've run out, isn't it). Say simple long rectangles (parallel with the edges of the quilt - I'm not talking about a piano keys border). peers at quilt Those are 6" blocks made from 2" units, right? So make your outer border 2" wide, which will bring the whole thing up to 41", a very respectable size for a baby quilt, and then bind in the grey. As for the quilting, I think that if you're going to have that huge offset border, you really need to do something interesting with the quilting there. I'd get some nice bright threads, not too dar, in a variety of colours, or multicoloured if you're doing machine-quilting, and use that area as a place to show off your quilting. I see you've done nice quilting on your other work, like that doll quilt swap angel quilt.


how about adding "not equal sided" tri-angles to it get it bigger and turn it just slightly on point - am I making sense? if not I could try and draw it .. (sorry but I never did math in English so I'm not good with the geometry vocabulary)


have you considered adding another offset border in a coordinating fabric to make it a lap/crib size? I love my lap quilts.


Love the fabric. This is going to be wonderful


Really lovely!

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