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My daughter saw one on pintrest and had to have one for her new home... no pattern , just winged it... proud  of the results... it is made on a 70 inch  tablecloth.. using 7 yards of gathered 7 inch fabric.. i rolled the hem by hand as the  rolled hem foot wouldn't accommodate the fabric!  i used a gathering foot and  gathered it all then sewed it down in rows.. pintrest said to glue the rows... i dont think so! hopefully it will have a place in her home for years to come! hope you enjoy.


Christmas tree skirt




Very elegant and shabby chic! I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. Did it take a ton of fabric?


So pretty! And I can't believe you did all that hemming by hand!


it took 7 yards of 45 in fabric... ok i ironed in the fold and sewed it... that sounds better... right? just couldnt use the rolled hem foot cause the fabric was to thick at the seams... smile!


Terryt1955 i posted the yardage but not sure all can see it..kinda new to being on here.. it took 7 yard of fabric.. cut in 7 inch strips to make 6 rows on a 70 in round table cloth.. thanks!! she loves it...that is what counts right?


This is very pretty!


Starspry Starspry thank you !! smiley


So let me get this gathered all the 7" strips AND hemmed them then sewed them on to a 70"round tablecloth? I thought the same thing about the 'gluing" when I read t\hat on pinterest. Why would anyone glue it after spending all that time and money on decent fabric! Well yours is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure your daughter will treasure it forever.


Terryt1955 smiling... i first sewed all the 7 inch strips together...then i ironed the hem and sewed it..then using my gathering foot the stitch that gathers every stitch..( the farther apart didnt ruffle it enough) then i started at the bottom and laid out the rows. i cut each and sewed one row at a time then pinning the next. after i got to the top i cut the skirt up to the top and turned under the edges and used a tiny piec to bind the circle where the tree trunk goes in.. i sewed on grow grain ribbon every other row for big bows to close... ill try to get better pic tomorrow at her cookie party and post . this was just a copy from my phone... i cant imagine spending all that money then gluing it!! went much faster than i thought ..even with my 2year old granddaughter helping!! i was able to finish it in a day between house stuff! thanks for your interest.. now my other daught wants one but in Christmas colors..nice!


Oh you have indeed started a tradition! I'd advise your other daughter to stick with fabric that isn't trendy so that no one will be able to pinpoint when it was made. That's why I loved your choice for the first one. It's classic and ageless.


Terryt1955 good thought!!! thanks!

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