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Milk & cookie mats


I needed a quick Christmas gift exchange gift so of course I turned to the new book "Pretty in Patchwork Holidays". I know we're stitiching along in this next year, but this was perfect, and so fun to make that I'll be more than happy to do a few more if this becomes one of the 12 projects:)
The smaller one was a run through with some scraps- just to practice the angles ( I get to keep that one :) - and the larger one is the size of the project from the book-7 x 91/2.
The first, smaller one is quilted as shown in the book, and for the second one I tried an outline pattern. 
And one more difference- for the first one I tried the author's suggestion of doing the binding by machine- attach to the back and then sew on the front- I like the technique but it will take some practice not to have a little bumpy edge. For the larger one I stuck with traditional binding technique and it is hand sewn on the back.






Super cute!!!


These are really cute.


Laweigel Thanks- they are fun to make:)


Quilt455 Thanks- I can see these in a bunch of fabrics and they are enjoyable to make!




Really quilting on both of them. I just did my 4th small quilt sewing the binding on by machine in the manner you describe and while I still love the hand sewn best it does get easier and easier with each one. This one I did not use seam ripper once and that was a first! And it is so much faster when time is an issue.


Whatthebobbin Thanks so much:)


True Thanks- and yeah for not having to get out your seam ripper:)))) some 20+ years ago when I made my first quilts I actually put all my bindings on by machine at first but- from front to back- and they were horrid- could never get them straight and neat looking- putting it on the back- duh- never occurred to me but it is better- and if I do it a few more times as you say- should get better:)


These turned out so cute!


Ohh they look nice - maybe Ineed to get the book and join the sew along ....did you ever try attaching the bindign at the front with a "nice stitch" [Zierstich], you know not try to hide the stiching but use a thread that stands out - I like to use my "3 straights + a spike"-stitch (in the very few cases I do machine binding.


Those mats are very cute! All the ideas I've seen from that book makes me think I better get one! I like your quilting, too. Very nice!


Amanda Thanks Amanda- such a great book- looking forward to the stitch along:)


Strandkorbtraum Thanks- sounds like a interesting technique- will definitely have to try it on another of these- I know I'll be making a few more as they go together fairly quickly and make good gifts!


Rebeccajeffsmith Thanks so much and you definitely must join:))))- it's going to be a really fun stitch along!


So very cute!! Can't wait to make this with the sew-a-long with Rebecca . I really like the outline quilting on the second one. Sure to be a hit! I find myself having to edit my exclamation marks so I don't come across as manic, but that's how I am when it comes to cute things(!).


Terryt1955 LOL- I know what you mean- I respond to a project and turn into the smiley face generator!:)!;)!
Yes, really looking forward to the sew along- have you joined yet- great list of projects!


Oh I didn't know it was a real group already. I ordered the book and it came the very next day (gotta love amazon). Thanks for the heads up, I'll go make it official right now.

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