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Dear jane
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This is my design plan for Dear Jane quilt. I made this with ancient old CorelDraw so it is not very fancy, colours are not excatly what I am thinking. Just wanted to see how the gradieted background would look like. I am of course going to make this sampler style like original. I only draw one imaginery block and repeated it for this schetch, because that would give me enough idea of the look I am after..
It is kind of difficult to find right colours for background (I am planning solid colours), because there is not quilt shops near me selling solid colour quilt fabrics. Hard to choose colours on computer screen.
Update 2014: change of plans: I finally started this project! I spent two days hand sewing these blocks on summer quilt retriet that was organized by local guild. We had wonderful teacher and so much fun. I am hand sewing the whole thing, and using what ever comes up from my stash. This is going to be wip for a very very long time, but I don't mind!





If doesn't matter how old CorelDraw is, it worked for you and that is the main thing! I like the layout. Have you tried contacting Kona to see if you can get a few swatches from them? had a link to swatches on their site, but it came up with a weird message. It might be worth contacting them, too.


Or you could take up dyeing to get your gradations for you background. 'Dyeing in Plastic Bags' by Helen Deighan is a good book and it can be great fun & addictive ;)


Thanks for suggestions. After little bit searching I found Fat Quarter Shop. They sell swatch cards of Kona cotton and some other fabric brands too. There are actual fabrics on those colour cards. I think I will buy that, it might be helpful for other quilts too. Dyeing is fun, but I have not done it for a long time. Maybe next summer I give it a try. It is such a messy, easier to do outside than inside.

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