January - Amber by Agypsisoul


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My month Q&A:

What is the inspiration/theme for your quilt?  - For my month I was inspired by a quilt from Cheryl Arkison over at NapTimeQuilter called The Triangle Quilt. I've been obsessing about triangles lately and I really loved how they look randomly spaced and include many different sizes. 

Do you have pictures of similar quilts faved on Flickr or Pinterest? - Since I don't have permission to post her picture I pinned it instead over on Pinterest. My username is AGypsiSoul and I created a board called Bee PDX with pictures of the quilt. 

Do you want us to use a particular block pattern or piecing technique? - No particular block pattern as I'd like each block to be different and reflect each of your own personal aesthetic. The only request I'd like to make is that all the triangles be facing up (point pointing to the top of the quilt).

Do you want us to use a particular color or type (e.g. no Coats and Clark) of thread? - 
I have no real brand preference for thread, but if at all possible please use cotton

How many and what size blocks do you want us to make? In general, one large, two "standard" (i.e. 12") or several mini blocks are considered reasonable. - I'm thinking a finished size of 18.5"x18.5" (includes seam allowance), but really you can make them as big or as small as you'd like. If you have an idea in your head, go for it! 

Do you want us to stick with conventional piecing, or would you prefer a more wonky/improvisational style? - Personally I'm a fan of more conventional triangles

How do you feel about embellishments like applique and embroidery? - I'm okay with both!

Do you have any special instructions for how to use your fabric (e.g. using a featured print in a certain way or using a little bit of every fabric provided)? - Design wise I'd like the blocks to have triangles, but as far as how many are in the block, which colors you use from the fabric I give you (only a couple, or all), how they're placed design-wise I'd like to leave completely up to you! Oh except I would like the triangles to be the made with the solid colors and the background be white please :) 

Is it okay for us to add our own fabrics, or would you prefer that we stick with what you've provided? - I'd prefer if you stuck with the fabrics I give you, but am not opposed to a single print if you feel you'd like to add it. More specifically I'd like most of the triangles to be the solids but if you choose to throw in one scrappy triangle, that would be cool too! I'm not including any scrappy fabric so please don't feel obligated to include any of your own! 

Would you like us to return any leftover fabric? - Nope! You can keep whatever is left over and if you need more please let me know, and I'll get that right to you! 

Here is the link to my inspiration!

I've also included a tutorial link on how to make flying geese multiple different ways! Hope that helps! 

And here is a link to Faith's from Fresh Lemons paper pieced flying geese pattern if you want to use that here






Do you care about the type of triangle? Like would you prefer flying geese type like in the quilt by Cheryl Arkison? What about 60 degree?


Um, I think I would like them all to be flying geese type triangles and not the taller triangles. Thanks for asking, hadn't even thought of that!


But any size of flying geese is okay right? Like I might want to do a ginormous one.... :-)


I've never made flying geese I'm excited to get started!


Bettycrockerass Any size is totally fine! A ginormous one would be awesome!!! Feel free to mix and match sizes!!!

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON