My Christmas and Birthday Present by True




I received money for Christmas and my birthday and decided to spoil myself with a new Janome...DC5100.  Once I get over my guilt at buying something I want but don't need I think I will love it;-)  I just got it today so have only done a little sewing on it but immediately notice speed, smoothness (does that even make sense) and no issues when starting right at edge of pieces (with project working on was having trouble with this on other machine as Out to Sea is so soft and light).  I loved my Kenmore so it was hard to talk myself into doing this purchase and have to say the dealers along the way did not help...
Dealer #1 called and she was about as helpful and friendly as...well let us say she wasn't
Dealer #2 Very kind, friendly and answered my questions and then told me I would not notice any difference in machines and did not think it was worth the money??  
Dealer #3 hit a home run...decided to just drive there and see what he had and he was awesome from moment I walked in door.  Answered my questions, had me try machine and taught me how to use it, threw in some extra needles and thread he wanted me to try with some of decorative stitches.  And it was on sale for $250 off so ended up with a more expensive machine for amount I was planning on spending.  Free lessons whenever I want them and free tune up at one year.


I love that there is a place for feet versus just all being dumped in together!
First sewing!




Stop feeling guilty! lolol I have a Janome....they are lovely machines. It pays to shop around, doesn't it, until you get what is right for you.


Does she have a name yet??? I am sure you will get tons of use out of her....and not like you took family money to buy was a gift! So now you have a nice machine to sew up goodies for all the people that gave you birthday/Christmas money! Could sell your Kenmore to buy fabric for your stash! Have fun!


Jschlender And Sewnsew thank you for relieving my guilt!!;-). Ironically two of the people who contributed have received quilts from me (my mom and godmother) and the other is going to for her birthday (my sister). They said I could do whatever I wanted with it but were all for a sewing machine if it was what I wanted! I have never named one before...but was thinking in bed last night IF I got one today what would I name it...still thinking:-)


How fun! I ordered my Christmas present this week too... a Juki F600. We will both be happily sewing away in 2013!


Oh True, you are going to love it. I also love my Kenmore but I got a Janome 4800 some years ago and it was worth every cent. I still pull my Kenmore out once in a while but really do almost 100% of my sewing on my Janome. I have a Brother's quilting machine and haven't used it in several years. I love my Janome so much that I am thinking about upgrading to the 6600. Oh, you you have to give "her" a name because she is now part of your family. Stop feeling quilty and enjoy


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! "Sewzie" looks like a real beauty!
I love my Janome. I still have my Bernina but the throat on my Janome is so much bigger. My neck and shoulders love it too.


Yea for you True!! Don't feel so guilty....enjoy. Look at all those quilts you make and give's ok to have something Just Because !!! Listen to me....I got a Janome 6600P for Christmas also. Hope to sew on it this wk end. It's a Turbo jet like Caribousmom has!! Maybe I will complete a quilt in record time....for me! Enjoy :)


Stamdl Quilt455 Terryt1955 and Conniharns thank you...and your encouraging words...sounds like we are going to have a lot of happy quilters in 2013;-) I was thinking of Caribousmom and the story of the speed of her machine when I tested this as it is so much faster than my kenmore...LOL. Ok the name that keeps coming back to me is Millie but she seems so much more sophisticated than "sewzie' very creative:-)


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Dittos to all the above comments and to say- Millie could just be her nickname- for it is really Millicent right?- sounds like a very stylish french seamtress eh?


Mymble Oh my that so Millie short for Millicent it is...I need to go see how she likes her name;-)


Stop feeling guilty (easier said than done I know) and just enjoy. I have machines I have worked hard for and others that were gifts. Treasure your blessings .


I love how we all get so excited about someone else getting a new machine. It is like we all get to be godmother LOL. My machines have always been Christmas/Birthday/Christmas presents (and my DH makes me put my signature on paper to sign away my rights to big presents for the following listed celebrations) . Keep from calling her Millicent for when she is being a little naughty :)


Sewexcitedquilts Oh so true...the man who owned the store I was at said many of the women he sells machines to have a hard time buying for themselves... Despite fact most of us quilt to five to others!! so true...


Quiltdiva LOL yes we do...great way of putting it. And love comment on name very good point. She just informed me her full name is Millicent the Magnificent;-) but she likes Millie better!


I am so excited I posted about new machine on Facebook and a friend asked if I could suggest and good beginner machine that would grow with her. Of course I said I could do better than that I could sell her my Kenmore and teach her to use it!! Sold!!!!!! So now I hardly spent anything from my own pocket on the new machine;-)


Carolmarie Thank you...technically your are not late it is not my birthday yet;-)


Oh True !! Congrats my dear! I agree with everyone else...stop feeling guilty. ;) Yes, easier said than done I know. Your family was clear that they wanted you to get something for yourself so enjoy what you chose! You will love her and get so much use out of her that it will be more than worth it. I too had a Kenmore as my first machine and while they're nice and reliable machines, the Janome will be a fantastic step up. Happy Birthday and enjoy! :)


Allpatchedup Thank you...every stitch I take tells me Millie was meant to be mine;-)


Good to hear!! :) I wish you both many many happy years together! smile


"Millicent the Magnificent" sounds like a great title to a kids book. It could be a combination of The Giving Tree and Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel only with a slant towards a wonderful lady that quilts beauties and ends up giving most of them away to town people in need.


YAY! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday! Hope you are LOVING your new machine :)


Caribousmom thank you so far I just played around with stitched and tried FMQ on a scrap sandwich. Terryt1955 love the story idea...go for it;-)

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