Mum's Garden Quilt by Yarnosophy




My Mum turned 80 in September and is about to move from her home of 42 years to a unit in a retirement village. She loves lilacs and spring flowers, and I collected these fabrics during 2012 with te aim of making a quilt for her - so that she can always nap in a garden. I wasn't able to make it in time for her birthday, but really wanted to get it finished for Christmas. Because this is only my second quilt top, and because I live in a small town and couldn't get exactly the right sashing colours, I kept the design simple - and was able to give the top to Mum on Christmas day. Over the next couple of days while I was staying at her place, I quilted it, and gave the finished quilt to her on December 30th before I left. I just did simple quilting as it's my first completed quilt, but I think it works okay - and she loves it, despite its imperfections, so that's the most important thing.

She's downsizing to a single bed (and changing her colour scheme!) when she moves, so the quilt will fit in perfectly.


Mum's garden quilt
My mother with her quilt
Detail of backing




This is a wonderful quilt and gift for your mom. It is so hard when older adults have to leave their homes. I am sure this will make the transition easier for her. Love the colors and fabric you picked.


Oh this is so beautiful! My mom would have loved this as well as her favorite color was lavender and she had lilacs sewn to a ribbon in a bible when she got married in 1950. So wonderful for your mom to be able to sleep under a quilt made with such love.


Thank you, Quilt455 and Jschlender ! Mum is looking forward to her move and will enjoy having her own place, with many of her friends in the same village. She's also enjoying the chance to 'refresh' - and so she's buying some new things for her new home, including new sheets to match her new quilt! She is a beautiful soul, and certainly appreciates gifts made with love.


What a beautiful quilt and she will always have a bouquet of her favorite flowers. It is so happy and cheerful. You should be proud and pat yourself on your back

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