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This year I managed to pull together a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas, which was great!  The result though was a disaster of a sewing space left behind.  The whole mess was made worse though because I didn't have a spot for everything to be "put away" to begin with.  So piles grew on top of piles.  I have somewhat of a plan now and am slowly working on things.

My sewing space is in the corner of our dining area when it's contained, so I'd really like to come up with a system that works for keeping things tidier.  

1/5 - Moved some shelves into the corner.  This is definitely one of those projects that is making a bigger mess than it's cleaning up to begin with.


My cutting mat is under there somewhere
Shelves in the corner now - Gizmo approves





I really like the wire tower/shelf thing...what is it and where is it from? It looks like baskets with fabric? It is so hard to keep things organized when there is just not enough space!


I love it! Can't wait to see the after pictures :)


Don't feel bad! Mine looks something like this. I'm working on it, though. You'll inspire me!


Hmm, maybe a visit from a fellow quilter would help with that project. :-).


True The wire baskets are from Ikea. Unfortunately we don't have one closer or I would go get another set. I think I may steal some from another spot in the house though. I'm not entirely sure I love them but it seems to work reasonably well. I can fit one stack of 1/2+ yard cuts folded on my 8.5x24 ruler and then a smaller stack of 1/3-1/2 yard cuts folded on my 6x12 ruler. next to each other neatly in the basket. Fat quarters are all together in another, although I think I'm going to move the FQ to a different spot. I'm also considering unstacking the one set and putting 4 in a row and putting my ironing board on top since the space under the board is really hard to use and I tend to just pile stuff there. I need to see if maybe I could have the ironing board raised a little though since for anything that is not quilting I need to be able to put things around the end of the ironing board. Just ignore my rambling here - thinking out loud...


Mrsquilt Thanks!

Chrissybugs Thanks! Good luck on your cleanup too!

Janquilter You would take one look and be finding the next ticket home! ;-)


LOL about making more of a mess along the way! So true... And thanks for info on shelves...we don't have Ikea and all I hear about them is so wonderful!


True We don't have one either - it's a 4 hour drive each way so no way to go browse, get ideas, plan, and go back. It's overload all in one trip. They do have some great stuff though, and we've had good luck with the things we've purchased there. I know the basket system also is available through another company but I can't recall the name. I know it's much more expensive though.


Glad I'm not the only one!!


I usually end up doing my cutting in the kitchen because my quilt room cutting table looks like yours lol. Quilting is a mess creating hobby for sure!


I am a newbie here...and I have to share with you my fabric organization tip! Fabric comes off the bolt folded in 1/2....making it 22" wide folded, right? fold it again, bringing the folded edge to the selvege. You now have a length of fabric approximately 11" wide.
Go to your local fabric store and take all the empty bolts they have that are not one solidi piece, but have the ends folded in. You are going to open them out and cut it into
11" pieces. You should get 4 per bolt, with scrap left over. Roll you 11" wide strip of fabric onto this mini bolt (which you can purchase from specialty shops for $1.69 and up each). I put mine mini bolts in a filing like a charm...bolts are free...fabric only has one more fold line on it...and you can see all your fabric at a glance and it doesn't get messed up with you remove a "bolt" from the drawer......Don't you just love it? I have (3) 5 drawer filing cabinets and am keeping my eyes open for others at garage idea I've had YET!!!!!!! Debbie....


Gizmo is adorable!


Awww...Such a pretty kitty...surprised she got up there with her old lady legs. cat cat2

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