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We moved from 2400 sqf to 1200 sqf in the last year, so I went from having a huuuge craft/sewing space all to myself, to using a small bedroom and sharing it with my full-time home office. That may sound unfortunate, but it's actually proven to be the best thing I could have ever done. Because of my odd work schedule (work for an hour, off for half an hour, work for two hours, off for half an hour, etc.), I'm in my office a LOT. In our last house my sewing space and my office were on two different floors, so most of my time was spent in my office, and I'd really only get to sew late at night or on weekends.

NOW I get to stare at my design wall all day while I work, and I'm much more inclined to spend 20 minutes or so sewing here and there throughout the day, since I'm already there. And I love being surrounded by my creative space while I'm working.

My desk is made from four Goodwill filing cabinets holding up two interior doors. (One was free on Craigslist, the other was $20 at The Rebuilding Center.


The view from the doorway.
The office side of the room. I took the closet doors off and added shelves so I could utilize as much floor space as possible.
These bakers' racks were used in the pantry of our last house. They're mine now!
The view from my work desk. I was in the middle of making yards and yards of bunting for a wedding when I took these pics.
My dog refused to use the bed I put there for her, so I've filled up the space with storage for wrapping paper, ribbons, and stamps. My printer is over the rolling cart which is full of different papers and misc. cords and cables.
I've got bird feeders outside the window now, and there's a cat bed under the window that does get used.





I love the story about how your smaller space turned out to be a blessing in disguise for your stitching and sewing! smile My sewing space is right in the middle of the house, which I don't love in terms of being able to hide the mess away, but I know it gives me much more sewing time than I would otherwise have if I could have a dedicated sewing room.


When we start house hunting this spring, I'm going to keep my mind waaay open when it comes to office/sewing space. I wouldn't mind adopting a dining room space -- it will just depend on the house. My husband is creative too, and his space now is in the garage. In an ideal world we'd have a huge shared space so we could each do our own thing without having to spend the evening alone.


I think the idea of putting your office facing your design wall truly brilliant! It must be so inspiring :)


What a great combined space and a great use of space...will look forward to seeing what your next one looks like!


I love the light you have with that large window! Some day I hope to have some natural light like that. Today I have a lot of light from daylight florescents and white walls. It does provide lots of light and works well until someday.


Thanks, Skunklady . This room is the brightest in the house, and I claimed it as my own the first time we toured it ;).

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