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I love my sewing room! We live in a tiny apartment and my husband was awesome enough to give me the entire second bedroom when I decided to leave my kitchen and stay home with our daughter. It is my happy calm place. Its not a big room so I've got to be smart about my storage. I've got a surprising  amount of stuff in this small room!

To be honest this is not how it ever looks. I decided that as my stash had become rather mixed up throughout the years sewing that I wanted to take out every it of fabric I owned, steam, starch and refold each one in a uniform manner. It is almost a week in and I'm nearly halfway there. It is a huge pain but I figure some of it has been folded in one position for well over a year stuffed in stacks. I feel like it has to be good to get it our every now and again to prevent permanent crease marks. 

I'm also trimming anything with missing cuts. All the excess is going into a stack and I plan to make as many things with the pile of fabric as I can. Going to be a fun little challenge for myself to only work from the bag for a month or so.

Hoping to get everything refolded by the end of the week and then the rest of the room is already very organized. Will I tackle the hidden closet of seldom used stuff behind my design wall? That has yet to be seen :) I have too many hobbies that require supplies!

   I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That many exclamation points are most definitely required. I went through every single bin and basket. I consolidated notions and purged art supplies to long abandoned hobbies. The end result it is pretty amazing. I'll admit that while my studio is nearly always very clean, it had gotten slowly out of sorts over all the projects I've worked on over the last year. 

I'm coming up on my three year sewing anniversary. Its hard to think that I've only been at this for 3 years, I just can't imagine my life without sewing anymore!! I just love it so much. I'm completely self taught and so I wanted to take an opportunity to r- evaluate my stash and all my supplies. My tastes were easily shifted as I discovered new designers and fabric houses. I bought things in my early days, not really sure what I needed, so it was cool to box up some of the random stuff I no longer need. I'm donating a huge box of supplies to S.C.R.A.Portland tomorrow.   My sewing room is really fine tuned now. I can get to what I use frequently really easily. My stash is hella organized and all of my notions are sorted and in designated spots.  So that's all I can think of at this moment. Please let me know if you have any questions or anything:)

2013 I am going to sew the hell out of you


How awesome is this couch? I got it from a friend who was moving for $40!!! I love the fabric on it soo much





Ok I want to shop in your stash!!!! Love your project and what a lot of work-:). You go girl!


True if you follow me on Instagram I'm about to start destashing at low prices!!! I'm goldwillow over there too!!


Goldwillow I did not just read this. arrow_up

And starching everything prior to folding! Wow. I think it was in Sunday Morning Quilts that they recommend trimming any "extras" off and putting them into scraps so your actual stash stays nice and neat - I have a hard time doing that though!


I am just reading this and I wondered if you have checked into any long term effects of starch on the folded fabrics? I have not read anything but I am just wondering.


Janquilter I haven't really, however, I am using a large bottle of best press (which is a really nice quality) diluted by about half with water. My stash does get used with regular consistency so I'm not terribly worried. Anyone with thoughts on that though let me know!


Goldwillow I don't know anything about instagram...will have to check into it. I have read starch can attract moths and silverfish (I think that is what I read...) but not sure how long it has to sit
to cause this issue.


Rebecca I get these ideas that sound amazing in theory and I dive in without realizing just ho much work it'll be. Over halfway there though, and clearing up so much room! Now that I have such a sizeable shelf, I have a much easier time cutting into big swarths of fabric. I'm pumped to challenge myself to work from that pile.


I really like your cabinets with clear doors, great for showing off all your lovely fabrics. In regards to what Janquilter asked, starch has a neutral pH, so it's pretty unlikely it would damage your fabric over time.


Someday I will come over and pet all your pretty fabric. Your sewing space is so adorable.


Thanks ladies! The cabinet is from ikea, I got it when they were having a big sale about a year ago, I think I paid something like $175 for it. Its actually pretty solid as far as Ikea furniture goes. I want to get another one when (hopefully very soon) move into a bigger place.


Ok... I'm going to have to follow you on Instagram ;-)


Those cabinets are amazing (yet another reason to go to ikea!). And so is your stash... Can't wait to see your after pics!


I love looking at all the pretty bright colors in the stacks...maybe you should not put them away! :-) The glass doors do help!


Carolmarie Thank you! It's my "happy" quiet special place.... Also where I hide a lot of pretty breakable things from the hurricane willow ;)


Wow!! Love your bright cheery space to create! Those white cabinets are adorable to show all the hues of fabric! You have a great room to sew I would say!


WOW WOW should be in a just looking at your fabric and all the colors!


I love your hutch!! What a great room you have!


Carolmarie Yeah its an app on the iphone/ipod/ipad ( i think android has it now maybe as well) Its like twitter but with pictures!


I am really impressed! The room is beautiful!


Kathie Its my favorite piece of furniture! I found it in laying in the middle of a field in the middle of no where on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I dragged it 3/4 miles (dirty and full of spiders) back to my car ( the friend I was with thought I was more than a little crazy). I cleaned it up and was happy. Over the summer, I stripped it down ( about 6 different layers of paint and stain) and gave her a new take on life!!


I can see why you love your sewing room. It is wonderful. It seems like such a happy space. And congrats on redoing all your fabric. You are one brave lady.


Love your cabinets for your stash, but one thing to bear in mind is that if sunlight falls on the front edge of the folded fabric for a substantial length of time you will get fading occurring (I don't recall the time scales for this type of thing because there are so many variables, but it is a possibility that it could happen to fabric left in direct sunlight for a couple of months or so). The drawback of storing your fabric pre-starched is that the starch will make the fibres stiffer/more brittle and this could lead to a weakening of the fibres on the folds, which in turn could result in weak spots in the fabric. However these problems will only show up if the fabrics are left in the same position for a very long time though (think years). A lot depends on how you view things,is it that 'this is for me to use and enjoy' or 'I should be really careful to conserve these things as carefully as possible because of possible future heirloom status' - Hope I haven't scared you.


geez girl you're making me so jealous of your setup here! As if your quilts weren't lovely enough! Now you've got the perfectly organized studio to go along with it! Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I'll give my room a good cleaning this week!


Love your sewing room so bright and lively. I really like the hutch, great way to show off those beautiful fabrics and stay inspired!


I loved the peek into your sewing room! Such a fabulous stash! Thanks for sharing!


Well, well, well, and here I was thinking I had too much fabric stash!! Goldwillow you have taken the cake. I love your stash and they are so neatly packed away. I have to do something about mine!


Color me envious!

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