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Sampler quilt


This is the first patchwork quilt I have attempted.

My Mum made me a beautiful patchwork quilt for Christmas 2010 and during the late part of 2011 her health suddenly started deteriorating. Whilst she was ill I started taking up patchwork to learn from her. Many hours were spent sat next to Mum hand piecing parts of this together. In December 2011 Mum was diagnosed with having a brain tumour and she died at the age of 58 in March 2012.

Different squares of this quilt hold many memories, both joyful and sad. I have done two of each pattern apart from one which I made during the last week of Mum's life. 

I have really enjoyed spending my time on a craft which Mum loved to do and on following a skill she used to make something special for me. It has been a healing process. There have been times when I have thrown what I have been sewing on the floor and walked out the house in tears and times when I've wanted to pick it up and work on it with love.

Jan 2013: After leaving it alone for quite a few months I am now ready to see it finished. Some of the squares have been trimmed, others need to be made slightly bigger. Somehow, with my lack of experience, a few squares are not quite 12"! 

I also need to decide on the colour for in-between the squares. With such a busy set of fabric I am unsure about colour choice. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

8th Jan: Sashing started and finished this evening! My back aches and my house is now a mess but I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I really need to sort out my art/craft room so I can sew in there rather than spread thread all over the house! :smile:

10th Jan: Quilt top done!!!!!! 

11th Jan: Quilt back done.  Now the next bit is the part I am worried about. I have never quilted anything before. I have no idea where to start or what sort of pattern to do! I think a few days reading up and thinking are in order to make sure I completely understand how to do it!

20th Jan: I finished my quilt today and I'm sat snuggled under it! The quilting is far from perfect and is a little wobbly but as a first quilt I think I did an ok job. It certainly was difficult wrestling it through my little machine and I think I spent the same amount of time unpicking as I did sewing!

I think I will put on some hand embroidery when I have thought of a special saying/verse which held a lot of meaning to Mum.






Wow! A first quilt. This is wonderful and so touching your mother was able to teach you and help you before she passed. Something to cherish always.
How about a gray for the borders/sashing?? Good luck!


Wow what a loving story and what an amazing quilt this will be. I am so sorry for your loss but this will be a treasure. Love your blocks. I am a big fan of white for sashing but also think gray would work. I happen to like how white makes the blocks pop. Will so look forward to seeing your progress on this one.


Sashing...that's what it is called! I knew there was a specific name but couldn't remember it. I spent an afternoon at a friends today and finished off tidying up the last few squares so tomorrow afternoon I am going in search of fabric for the sashing. Thank-you for your advice, I will keep it in mind smile


Wow! Hand pieced! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing the story of making it with your mom. Don't let anything stop you from finishing this. It will always be a treasure to you!


Your mom would be so proud of how you are continuing on with talent. A beautiful story and a beautiful quilt. I think the white sashing was a good call!


Love the white sashing...this will be done in no time!


What a lovely tribute to your mother! Your hand piecing is amazing and the sashing choice is perfect.


Such a beautiful story and quilt to go along with it. It's nice that you're finishing it. Even though I'm sure it's been tough, it will be such a special quilt full of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Great choice on the white lets the blocks stand out and take center stage. :) Your mum would be very proud of you for sure.


This is such a beautiful quilt, with such a touching story. I love the colors. A wonderful heirloom.


Wow you have really done a beautiful job this is gorgeous!


Love how you showcased your special single block on the back. You definitely have a quilter's heart...doing special little things in your quilt that many will not notice but that hold deep meaning.
It's a beautiful quilt Becklin_b . :)


This is an absolutely gorgeous quilt...I love the quilting- you did an amazing job!


What a lovely quilt - a wonderful memory and tribute to your Mom - you really did a terrific job!


Beautiful quilt with an equally beautiful history- a wonderful tribute to your Mom , and to the gift she gave you. I hope you make many more:)


True Thank-you! If you looked closely you would see the quilting isn't amazing but it's finished and I can use what I have learnt on my next...ha ha! I'll post up a pic of the quilt Mum made me, that one was her first quilt and it is perfect!


It's turned out beautifully Becklin_b . You did a wonderful job!! As far as first quilts go....none of our firsts were's one of the things that makes them special. :)

If you wouldn't have stated that this was your first, I never would have guessed it! Great job.


I think the quilting is wonderful. You took the plunge and you finished it. I am sure you will make many more quilts but this one will always hold a special place in your heart. It's a tangible loving link to your mom. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see your next project.
As for keeping your threads to one room-good luck! QUilting has a way of spreading all over the house even with the best of intentions.


Becklin_b I would love to see the one your Mum made!! And the day I make a perfect quilt...well let us say it will never come;-).


True I've put two pics of my quilt from my Mum. As you can see it's a whole lot bigger than the one I've just made.

I have to say, I don't think I would have got it finished if I hadn't joined's very motivating having people encouraging you in what you are thanks everyone! cherry_blossom


Becklin_b What an awesome and beautiful quilt!! Love it and I am sure she loved making it for you:-). Threadbias has changed and improved my quilting life immensely...the support, help and inspiration is amazing!


What a beautiful first quilt - thank you so much for sharing it with us, and sharing your story as well.

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