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I have been able to get "before" pictures. I am not at all sure when (if) I will get to the cleaning and the "after" pictures. I will try.
January 8. I was able to spend time in the sewing room today (thanks dear husband) and I made some changes. You will note that there are no pictures of the closet. All I did was relegate the new fabric to baskets. Did NOT refold the fabric in the baskets. So I guess the room is "all dressed up with a dirty neck".  As long as you don't open drawers, baskets or the closet...the room is clean! :-)
March 26, 2013 I have set a goal for myself of one basket per day until they are done. I started on one last was the blues and there are a LOT of blues. I did actually weed out some pieces and they will be given away.
March 28, 2013 I got kind of carried away since dear husband was working, so I got to work on the baskets of baby/child prints. I re-folded all the 1/2 yard, 1 yard and 2 yard cuts. Earlier I had folded a basket of light background prints. So, that is 5 baskets done so far.


Basket #1 Only 31 more to go.
Tidy cutting table
organized books
Tidy hand sweing nook
tidy sewing desk.
Hand work area
fabric closet
End wall, fabric closet
Looking in from the doorway
The book area




OMG what a glorious work space you have! That is some serious stash and storage system you have going on there. And if this is messy it sure doesn't seem all that messy


Thank you Terryt1955 and Carolmarie ! I do really like my has evolved over time and been in several rooms prior to this. It is an awesome space, but it does need a clean up...there are piles of FQ's that need to be put in baskets and some of the baskets need re-folding. I think I have too much fabric...yes, yes, I can say much fabric, so little time.


Oh if you "feel" like you have too much fabric I would gladly take some off your hands! LOL!


Tel me more about your design wall. it looks like it could house 2 king size tops at the same time!


My design wall is a king size flannel sheet. I got a whole set of sheets at Walmart for $20, took the flat sheet for the wall and gave the rest to Goodwill. Cheaper than any other design wall I could come up with. I have put king size quilts up on the wall as I am working on them. As to the fabric...I probably should auction some off...or hold an online "garage sale". But then I would see a fabric I forgot and suddenly find a project for it...


Love your space and love your storage baskets! I had same issue as I cleaned up found fabric I now MUST use in something;-)


Thanks, True ! I did find some fabrics and thought "I forgot I had that!" I have been successful in making some projects that came only from my stash. Just need more time....


I like how you have your space organized by function. Your stash closet looks amazing, love your drawers!


Stamdl Thanks! I love the drawer system. I got it at Storables. I was able to get the top piece also which makes a solid surface on the top.
Of course it is the 7th and I have not done anything toward the cleaning....:-)


Good job! You have a good size space, too. I'm very jealous!


Looks great and no one should be opening those closets and looking;-)


Thanks Maura and True ! Now If I just had time to sew...


Janquilter , I went to bed last night. Dreaming. Dreaming of your sewing room, and how nice it is. All those books...all that fabric... that great sewing table... your design wall... All that space... You are blessed. Love your sewing castle!


Sewzalot You are right, I am blessed. This room has been a work in progress for years. I have set up on my dining table, in the laundry room, in the master bedroom, and in a guest room. We changed houses and I changed locations, in this house the sewing space has been in 4 places. We put this room together 8 years sgo and I appreciate efforts of the family members who helped. Thank you for your kind comments.


Carolmarie Thank you. Working on ths closet full of baskets has given me a renewed purpose. Now I want to see ALL the baskets nice and tidy.


I am just starting to design a space to take the place of my 'temporary' studio on the mezzanine of our home. I love the idea of the wire baskets (which I have my husband using in his closet. Right now I have a lot of plastic bins which are okay, but a little unwieldy. Would love to have a whole room, but not willing to give up my library - because then where would I put all of my quilting books~! :-).

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