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I saw an adorable Christmas pillow on the NanaCompany blog  http://nanacompany.typepad.com/nanacompany/2012/11/making-it-bright.html
and decided to recreate it with my little "candy" pack of Sweetwater's new "Noteworthy line for Moda. Candy packs are precut 2 1/2" squares- 42 of them- and they were on sale- so why not. Don't think I would buy these often but it is a nice way to just try a line of fabrics without too much investment.
Anyway, this pillow is actually a smaller version of a larger one Amy ( from the blog) had made a year earlier. Her pillow includes the most wonderful cursive lettering embroidery and so mine will too;)))_ just have to decide what to embroider....have a few ideas but I have had to set everything aside for a few days our house was broken into on New Years Eve and all our computers were stolen- so I haven't done much sewing til tonight- nice to be able to relax and sew:)
I'll probably use ric rack or crocheted lace around the edge also in tribute to Amy's wonderful design.
Update 5/17- Finished the embroidery. I just put a simple white zipper in at the top- will try to get a shot of the back tomorrow- the light was fading. The embroidery reads "dream, plan, do!" It's for my daughter:)- fits her- she calls herself a dreamer and a doer and she is- the planning part seemed to fit well in between- she does that too;)-probably just isn't aware of that part!



Finished! Embroidery reads "dream, plan, do!"
Pillow front- waiting for embroidery!
close up of some of the "Noteworthy" prints
more of the prints





First and foremost I am so sorry about your house! How horrible and I hope everyone is safe. And second this is an adorable pillow and love the fabric! Trying to decide if I just want to buy a few select fabrics or the whole thing:-)


Thanks- they broke in while 3 of us were home- very glad no one was hurt! Thanks re the pillow- I hope I get the embroidery right:0- I do like this line- the prints are sort of delicate and on the smaller side so I think they would be good as accents to another print as well-why not try a charm pack or candy pack just to get the feel of the line- you can always get a pillow or baby quilt out of them:)


I'm so sorry about the break-in! How scary! Your pillow top is looking great so far -- I love Noteworthy. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. :)


Who does that! Breaks in while people are home. Did you see them so you can identify the you know whats? I was alone this weekend and found myself barricading the house like a ninny. I even slept with a hammer under my pillow. And the thing I was most afraid of was zombies, thanks to all my kids watching that damn show over the Christmas break. I can't imagine how you must feel in the aftermath. How are you doing now?


Oh and the pillow is going to be darling. I can so see a baby quilt using these little sweet squares....


Silsbee Thanks- yes, unnerving to say the least but not as bad as friends of ours whose entire house was ransacked 2 nights ago- they are distraught! Our thieves just made a beeline for the electronics. Re: pillow-Thanks- It's a sweet line- can see it being used for many different kinds of projects!


Carolmarie Thanks - I love Amy's blog- she has the most endearing designs- now I just need to figure out what I want my pillow to say and how:)


Terryt1955 I saw a potentioal suspect and our neighborhood watch captain did as well, and the police have serial numbers for our computers and the phone's number- that's about the best we can hope for- they seem to think there is a 'ring' as a number of houses nearby have been hit. Who does it- desperate people, looking for drug money, or perhaps a ring-unfortunately that's Baltimore right now- pretty brazen though- coming in when people are at home- glad my hubby was upstairs and didn't hear- don't think he would have taken it lying down and someone could have been hurt if the thief had a gun. I'm ok- we use the alarm system now 24/7 and I lock all the doors even while I'm home- sad but times have changed and its what must be done. Mostly I just feel stupid because I hadn't backed stuff up yet- we were going to a cloud service soon - not soon enough- lost all my photos and design work- so glad I have stuff on Threadbias, and my daughter lost a semester of classwork, her violin performance videos etc... my husband lost a semester of doctoral writing- yup- first thing we did with the new computers was use the cloud services they came with;)) Zombies eh? Haven't heard of the show and am glad I haven't at this point- would probably have me over the edge;)))


Terryt1955 Thanks- yes- the little candy packs would be perfect for a baby quilt or pillow for mom's rocking chair etc....just have to buy them on sale because at full price they really aren't a good value- you could easily cut up a charm pack and have twice the number of squares for less.


You're right, none of the pre cuts are a good deal unless on sale. But what you do get is a good cross section of fabrics and the cutting work done for you.

That is such a bummer about losing all the valuable work on your computer. So much time lost not to mention the videos and photos. It's a lesson for all of us to be more diligent about backup. I think I have backup everynight to my Norton Antivirus but I haven't checked it out to verify.
I was wondering if any of you encountered them. Gladd t hear your husband was out of earshot or it could have been so much worse. Time to get a big loud dog!


Oh I love this finished pillow...so sweet. I just read all the older comments...having been a single mom for the past 15 years all my doors are locked all the time. You learn to just steal yourself against all those thoughts! And having two big dogs with big barks does help! Did they ever find any of your things?


This pillow is super cute and love the embroidery!


True Thanks! Well everything is super locked up now and we were just thankful no one was hurt- it does certainly make you more alert and careful. I'd love to do the big dog thing but its just not doable right now. No, they never found anything- I think they chop it up for parts. There was a short rash of similar events and they think it was the same person but we've never heard anything more.


caldwella24 Thanks- you should check out the NanaCompany blog - Amy's designs are all wonderful and this pillow is based on her Christmas one- everything she does is really charming.


Love your embroidered embellishments! So darling and fitting.


This is beautiful, Margaret! Love all that hand embroidery - so sweet!


Very pretty! I know just the place this would fit in my house smile ! Thanks for the tutorial!


Thanks Carolmarie , Terryt1955 , Caribousmom , and Kathie ,it was fun to work on and my "take along " project for a while now.


I have been to NanaCompany blog before by hopping between pinterest posts but hadn't bookmarked it. So I 'm glad you referenced it so I could re-discover her! You are right, every thing she makes is darling.


This is beautiful! I love Noteworthy and bought a candy pack to use in my hexagon quilt.


Menolly13 Thanks- it is a fun line-will look great in your quilt- I am working on the twin to this pillow in the Posy line:)- they are very relaxing and fun to make:) -

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