Modern Quilted Tote by Quiltygirl




I've been itching to make a patchwork tote lately! There's been a lot of talk on quilting blogs lately of a Quilt As You Go method for piecing bag panels. One technique (highlighted by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson!) uses duck canvas as a base, which I think would make a great tote with just the right amount of structure! I didn't have large enough pieces of Cotton Duck Canvas in my stash, but I do have a ton of hymo canvas (also known as haircanvas). Hymo canvas is typically used to add shape to outerwear pieces, but I've also read that it has been used in handbags. And while it's not an inexpensive supply, I don't have any plans to use it - so I cut into my yardage for this tote!
I absolutely L.O.V.E. everything about this bag. At 14" tall, 11" wide, and 3" deep, it's a great size and shape, and the 25" long straps make the tote easy to carry.The hymo canvas gives the tote a lot of structure without adding ANY stiffness.
For my quilting and construction, I used a slightly different style than the typical QAYG. I pieced my tote panels using the hymo canvas and a layer of cotton batting as a foundation. After my panels were pieced, I quilted them with very dense organic lines.
hen I first started this project, I knew the approximate size and shape that I wanted for the finished tote. The dense quilting took quite awhile, during which time I started to think more about the construction. I decided to try a new (to me) style by folding the top of the tote down by 2". I attached the straps inside the tote as well, so that they appeared to be seamless from the outside. I added metal rivets to support the straps - this is my new favorite technique!






This tote is absolutely beautiful from the color to the texture to the sturdiness.Iv enever heard of hymo canvas or haircanvas but will definitely be checking it out since my city has gone bagless and I am constantly making totes for everyone. This one would be for extra special ocassion ~ I wouldn't wnat to get it messed up with food!


Terryt1955 Thanks!
I found the haircanvas cheapest online. But, to warn you, it's pretty pricey. I bought it to interface a wool coat and hated all of the hand basting. I eventually just used a fusible for the coat and had the haircanvas left over!
I just ran out of haircanvas so my next tote will be made with Duck Canvas. I hope it works just as well, because it's a lot cheaper!
I believe this is what I used, and this is the source I ordered from:
(Other sources had it as high as $38/yd!!)


Oh my goodness, $38/yd is out of my league! Let us know how the duct canvas works out becuase I know I can find that at my local fabric shop!


Terryt1955 I will! Elizabeth Hartman (blog Oh Fransson!) seems to be quite particular about her projects (in a good way!) and she uses the duck canvas. :) I hope that means it will work well! (If not, that source charged $12/yd, I think. So I might splurge on it once in awhile....)


So agree with Terryt1955 this bag is fabulous is every single way!


True Thanks!!


This is so awesome! I hope the duck works just as nicely since I'm about to start piecing my Elizabeth Hartman inspired Weekender!! I cut all the duck today so here it goes! :) I absolutely love your colors!

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