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Dear jane
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I am going for it - this year I am starting my Dear Jane. The original plan was a Green Jane, but in less than week it has changed to a rainbow Jane. I'm using random fabrics from my stash and Kona Snow. Lots of new techniques for me in the quilt, plus I'm planning to hand quilt it!

Techniques: freezer paper foundation piecing; rotary cutting and piecing; reverse applique; applique; English paper piecing
I've written a tutorial for how I do the blocks using English Paper Piecing:
I've decided to quilt this project by hand, so to make it more manageable I'm going to use a quilt as you go technique. This has the added advantage of sashing as you go - I really don't enjoy sashing, so this breaks it down into manageable chunks! The backing fabric I have picked is from Luxe in Bloom from Art Gallery and I'm quilting with a natural colour YLI hand-quilting thread.

A-1: Pinwheel Gone Awry: Green: Red Rooster fabrics: foundation pieced (02.01.2013)
A-3: Hunter'sMoon: Green: Flea Market Fancy: reverse applique (04.01.2013)
A-6: Uncle Homer: Green: unknown fabric but very pretty!: rotary cutting (07.01.2013)
A-2: One-Two-Buckle My Shoe: Green: unknown fabric: foundation piecing (09.01.2013)
A-13: Starlight Starbright: Yellow: Noteworthy by Sweetwater: English paper piecing (13.01.2013)
D-6: Challenge: Pink: Modernology from Art Gallery: foundation pieced (25.01.2013)
C-7: Megan's Mountain Laurel: Pink: Noteworthy by Sweetwater: foundation pieced (25.01.2013)
F-3: Snowball: Purple: Bazaar Style, Art Gallery: foundation piecing (24.02.2013)
D-5: Cathedral Window: Purple: Spring Fever, Hoffman Fabrics: foundation piecing (24.02.2013)
D-3: Jason's Jacks: Turquoise: Lily Belle, Art Gallery: Applique (24.02.2013)
B-1: Batcherlor's Buttons: Turquoise: Poetica, Art Gallery: Applique (24.02.2013)
B-3: Mirror Image: Lime Green: Art Gallery (my favourite ever fabric). Curved piecing. (27.02.2013)
B-2: Sweet Tater Pie: Lime Green; Architextures from Robert Kaufmann. Applique (27.02.2013)
C-3: Rayelle's Fence: Yellow; Natalie Lymer from Lecien. Rotary cutting and piecing (27.02.2013)
A-5: Cathie's Campfire: Yellow; Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda. Foundation piecing (27.02.2013)
B-4: Chris's Football Field: Lime Green. Anthology Fabrics. Foundation piecing (27.02.2013)
C-2: Streak of Lightning: Lime Green. Another Art Gallery from Lilly Belle. Foundation piecing and applique (27.02.2013)
C-1: Trooper Green's Badge: Lime Green. Ruby by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. Foundation pieced (27.02.2013)
A-4: Courtney's Stethoscope: Yellow. Art Gallery. English paper Piecing and machine piecing (27.02.2013)
D-2: Mouse in the mirror: Green: unknown fabric. English Paper Piecing (06.03.2013)
B-9: Tinker Toy: turquoise. Oval Elements from Art Gallery. English Paper piecing (08.03.2013)
F-1: Big Top: turquoise. Grandmother's Flower Garden from Lecien. English Paper Piecing and applique. (10.03.2013)
D-4: Crystal Star: Blue. Floral Elements from Art Gallery. English Paper Piecing (curved!) (10.03.2013)
F-2: Kaleidoscope. Blue. Benartex, Space the Final Frontier. English Paper Piecing. (13.03.2013)
It's been a while, but I've got a couple  more completed

D-10: Battlefield. Blue. Moda Bella blue solid. Rotary cut (24.08.2013)
E-8: Mama's Maze. Red. a Circles and Dots fabric from Stof. Rotary cut (25.08.2013)
E-7: Bread Basket. Orange. Saltwater from Tula Pink. Rotary cut (25.08.2013)
C-9: Jane's Tears. Blue from my stash. Hand applique (18.09.2013)
D-8: Dee Dee's Delight. Nature Elements. Hand applique (06.10.2013)
H-12: Hannah-Lou's Hearts. Oval Elements. Hand applique (18.09.2013)

2014 has arrived - time to pick this up again!

M-5: Mother's Point. Reminisce from Art Gallery. Rotary Cut (11.01.2014)
M-12: Hopscotch. Botanics from Caroline Friedlander. Rotary Cut (11.01.2014)
K-13: Summersville Spring for Moda. Rotary cut (10.02.2014)
L-1: Nature Elements for Art Gallery. Rotary cut (09.02.2014)
L-5: Legacy for Art Gallery. Rotary Cut (09.02.2014)
L-7: Fusions from Robert Kaufmann. Rotary cut (10.02.2014)

11.02.2014: I told you these were addictive. Today I tackled B-6 which has been laughing at me. Rotary cut. 3.5 hours. 43 pieces. Bulky seams. Not perfect but I'm happy with it. Fabric is Legacy from Art Gallery.

G-2: Robert Kaufmann: Rotary cut. (14.02.2014)
M-4: Cambridge for Paintbrush Studios : rotary cut (14.02.2014)


First bit of hand quilting
F-2: Kaleidoscope
F-1: Big Top
D-4: Crystal Star
D-2: Mouse in a Mirror
B-9: Tinker Toy
Four blocks from today 24th Feb
D-5 Cathedral Window
D-3 Jason's Jacks
B-1 Batchelor's Buttons
F-3 Snowball
C7: Megan's Mountain Laurel
A6: Uncle Homer
D6: Challenge
A13: STarlight Starbright
A2: One Two Buckle My Shoe
A3: Hunter's Moon
A1: Pinwheel Gone Awry





Those are four lovely looking blocks. You have made a great start!


These are looking great!


Love those Dear Jane blocks! Especially that Hunters Moon!


These are gorgeous!! I particularly love C6.I will enjoy watching it grow. :)


Oh my goodness! These are lovely. I have occasionally made a 4 inch block, but never this elaborate. Beautifully done!


I am a bad, bad quilter. I knew not of Dear Jane until your post. I have since done research and ordered both Dear Jane and Dear Hannah software to someday attempt my own version. Good luck on such an ambitious project. You have a beautiful start!


Damnskippy Ha ha! Welcome along - good luck with your own - we have a Flickr group if you'd like to join us - you can find the link on my blog! I look forward to seeing your quilt one day!


Wonderful new blocks:-)


Beautiful work! Love it!


I've seen these popping up on your IG feed - love the colors and fabrics!


Gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to see the finished object.


The beauty continues!!


I love your choice in colors.


This one is going to be so pretty! You're making great progress, keep it up :D

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