Juki TL-2010Q by Stamdl




My new love!


Isn't He Handsome?
My 1st Quilting Project - Love the Throat Space!





Congrats!!!! Details please...


What would you like to know? lifgt smiley

This is a straight stitch only machine - semi industrial is how it's described. Designed for quilting! Features that are new to me are the knee lift for the presser foot and a thread cutter. You can either press the scissor button on the machine or press the heel of the foot pedal to cut your thread. This is an AMAZING feature! I love it!

You can also adjust the pressure foot pressure. It took me some trial and error to get that set right for walking foot quilting. Oh, and it is FAST! It can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute and you can adjust the speed downward if you like. Rabbit - medium - turtle.

I'm on my 4th bobbin of thread in about 2 days of sewing! The 1st day I sewed about 30 string blocks just to practice using the knee lift and thread cutting with the foot pedal. I've quilted two Project Linus quilts and am getting ready to do a third tonight.


True forgot to flag you in my response! Also don't know where the lifgt came from above! First time trying to put in a smiley face.


I wondered what that meant LOL! Wow this is amazing...how big is throat? You are fast....watch out those UFO's she means business;-)


True 8.5" wide and about 6.5" tall. The height is the really amazing part! And I love the big table. Yes, I do mean business UFOs! lol Because now all I want to do is quilt!


Stamdl I see many beautiful quilts in your future. Congrats and enjoy.


Congrats!! He's definitely handsome and I'm sure you'll whip him into shape and turn him into a workhorse in no time. ;)


Allpatchedup Quilt455 Thank you! Last night I was binding a quilt for Project Linus and he sewed through those layers like nothing! My Pfaff tends to moan and groan at the corner bulk. Definitely a workhorse.

He gets a drop of oil in the bobbin case and in 6 recessed holes on the machine daily. Call me wierd but I love this! Such a contrast to computerized everything.


You're one lucky lady - enjoy!


Seshlaman Thank you! This is machine #3 for me in my lifetime so it's been really exciting. I feel like all my reading/research has been rewarded!


What a fantastic new toy! Amazing!

I'm still saving up my pennies to get a mid arm... might have enough by next month; then I'll be as excited as you! I'm really looking forward to the thread cutting feature!


SO this is your secret weapon! I was wondering how you were cranking out so many quilts. Congrats on your new love and may you have many years together!


Terryt1955 He is my secret weapon for sure! I never knew machine quilting could be so enjoyable...


Congrats on the new machine. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. I was just looking at this online last night. I think I may need to start saving.


I'm happy for you! I have a Juki Exceed and it's my favorite machine of all the ones I've ever owned. I'd been looking at this one for a long time, too, but I decided to get a machine with more than a straight stitch, but it was a tough decision. I'm glad this one is working so great for you. Isn't the foot pedal thread cut fantastic?!!


Damnskippy Jenniffier Thank you! I also have a new Exceed F600 that I bought after the TL2010Q and think it is a great machine too.

I started out looking at more expensive machines and came to the conclusion that I would rather have 2 machines. I love having 2 workstations! I am looking forward to using some of the Exceed deco stitches - especially the blanket stitches and also am thinking about making some clothing so the free arm will be great.

So, I'm using the F600 for most of my piecing and the TL2010Q for quilting & binding. I also do my easy blocks like strings on the TL2010Q since it is so fast! And, since I don't have a local dealer, I'll always have a machine if one needs to be sent in for work.

Once I started using the foot pedal thread cutter and knee lift I wanted it ALL the time. My Pfaff is under a cover and will be going in for some much deserved TLC soon but she will get use at times too.

Loving my quilting room right now. smile

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