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As a young, single, woman in my very first apartment, for my very first Christmas, I bought ornaments and decorations for my very first Christmas tree. They were woefully inadequate! It was sad and pathetic and made me miss the beautiful, blown, glass ornaments that were a part of Christmas magic growing up. I decided then and there if I ever married and had children, they would get a Christmas ornament every year from birth until they left home.
Fast forward 35 years. I did marry and had 3 children, now all grown. They each have their special bin with their special ornaments that remind them every year of their magic Christmases growing up.They have all left home with Christmas trees of their own. Somehow I still feel compelled to get them a few more Christmas ornaments. These were the ornaments I made for each of them this year, plus one for our own tree. Since the kids left, our personal ornament stash is woefully inadequate.:wink:


Christmas ornament 2012
all wrapped up and ready to go





Love these and love how they have come to be...I have done same thing for my son as my parents did it for me. When he leaves it will be a similar situation here as the best ones will go with him!!


Oma-rita, I love your ornaments. I had to laugh cause I could have written you post. I too started with my four children from birth until they got their own place a new ornament year year to take with them. What is so funny to me is I learned to make these ornaments this year and this is what I gave them. I even used the same type of gift bag. Too funny. I also made myself one too. I love yours. I made them all different but all in christmas colors; didn't think to do them in their favorite colors.


Quilt455 they loved their ornaments! The fact that I made them and they were so beautiful had an impact. That impact will stay with them long after I'm gone!


Same with my children. Said it was their favorite ever recieved. Think I am going to make different ones for them each year.

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