Do Not Disturb Sign #1, #2 and now #3 by True




The HR Manager and her Assistant at work need Do Not Disturb signs for their doors...I offered to see what I could come up with for each of them.  Here is the first one for her Assistant, a delightful and efficient young man who works hard to keep everyone happy.  I have no idea what he likes so just found some thing I thought would work and went for it.  This was a picture from a calendar and I recreated it as a quilt.

Update 1-21-13 Done and will be delivered tomorrow:-)

Update 1-26-13 Made second "sign" using a more traditional quilt block.  These pictures do not do justice to the batiks as the really are gorgeous.  Will be delivered tomorrow.

Well my "new" HR Manager decided she did not like her new job and quit 3 days short of 6 months (Luckily this is a really unusual occurrence for us and hoping it stays that way!).  Her replacement starts June 4th and I wanted to have a sign waiting for her as they have really helped and been enjoyed and it felt like a nice welcome present.  So here it is...#3!


Picture from calender shrunk it to 65%
With stitching done
Close up of letters and stitching
The beginning...
before stitching





What a great idea.


This is so pretty!....Does "Do Not Disturb" mean my brain is vacationing in this peaceful place??? What a great idea to take a photo from a calendar!


Really marvelous and its great to see all your process photos!


I want to make holidays in your landscape .. great idea for a do not disturb sign ....


Great adaptation of the photo! Wow, look at you getting into those landscape quilts. I think the young man is going to be very impressed indeed!


Strandkorbtraum This picture looks so like Maine...which was one of the reasons I chose come on over!! And thank you


Jschlender I was going to tell him when this sign is in use he needs not to be dreaming of being where this looks like;-). Thank you Dzirin Mymble and Terryt1955 it was fun to figure this out...I have known what I wanted to do for a week or so and stopped and got the fabric but was not sure I could make my brain dissect the picture and figure it out. Finally yesterday decided to just do it and stop worrying about it! I changed my methods along the way which was part of what was fun and cool about process. We will see how he likes it tomorrow as today is a holiday.


That batik fabric you chose for the tree trunks is very cool. It's perfect for trees or giraffes!


Terryt1955 I thought same thing about trees...never thought of giraffes!!!


True, this is great. I am sure he is going to love it, I love the trees. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the HR manager.


Quilt455 thank you so has been given and already used! And it seems to be a bit hit...he was very cute and sweet about success:-) I am plotting (oh I mean planning hers in my head now;-)


Oh, so pretty! I love the one with the trees. They turned out beautifully!


Love the 2nd one! You can't ever go wrong with stars, right? I see you're getting to play around with the decorative stitches on your new machine. It looks great!


Ha ha - I need one of these!


Creamcity Thank you I tried to make them different and go with the personalities of those receiving them:-)


Terryt1955 Yes I have played I am not sure how much I will use for larger quilts but fun to see what the stitches look like! And thanks I love stars...


Jenniesthreads I have decided I want one to wear around my neck;-)


I want a picture of you wearing it around your neck! I definitely think there is a market for this. I know I'd wear it on the 20th of every month when it's TB report time.


These are fantastic True !!! Great job on both. :)

I need one for around my neck that says "Do Not Disturb....disturbed enough already" smirk


Allpatchedup LOL and Terryt1955 you could have one just for that time period!!


Ohh, the 3rd one is very pretty! Love the blues! And what a nice welcome it will be. Question... How do they hang it up?


Terryt1955 there is a place for a dowel on back and we put one of those 3m removal hooks on door and they hang it from it. Or could also use small nail or thumbtack as does not weigh much.


Oh and thank you.


What a great idea for hanging. So do you make little corner triangles that the dowel fits in to ?


Terryt1955 Yes I that method ...I tell them they can also use a pretty curtain ring with clip on end if they prefer. But I do the triangles and put in the dowel.


Beautiful signs! How lucky your co-workers are. My questions: Did the "first" HR manager get one before she left? It sounds like she must have and you made a third for the "new" manager. Your workplace must be lovely with all your handmade items!! You did great on the landscape and yes, it does look like Maine.


Carolmarie thank you and you will note there is only one like the trees;-) Others were much easier!


Quilterinmotion Thank you! Well the very first who I worked with for 4+ years since I joined the agency got a quilt;-) Then the one that replaced her got the batik star...and she is one who left (which I think is a good thing but a pain) and then new one who starts in June will get new one with 2 paper pieced stars. I have to say these look much nicer hanging on theirs doors than traditional signs so kind of softens blow that they are not available:-) Have also been very effective since everyone knows I made them the message is clear that I am saying leave them alone when they are up! I have made some quilts in my office and some mug rugs for others and then a wall quilt for another staff (others have lap quilts). It is fun to see my work when I move through office but most fun is how excited they get getting them! I loved doing the trees but really different way of looking at quilting. Some day will try another.


Ok should have added some commas in that post sorry!


True ; I understand. I used to have wallhangings in my office (that was after my teaching career) and people used to go on and on about them. That was fun!! You definitely need to do more landscape quilts. You picked a fairly complicated scene to do for your first. No class needed for you.

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