Easy Street Left Overs (1) by Azjune




I enjoyed working with the bright colors/prints that I used in Easy Street.  I wanted to use them together in other projects.  It was time to submit my entry for AAQI's Quilt A Month Club and I decided this was a perfect time to use those left overs.
I just picked a center and stitched a slightly wonky modern version of the Log Cabin.  This mini measures just under 9" x 12".
I just did a continuous stitch in the ditch to quilt it.  Fast Finish Triangles were added to the back for easy hanging with a small dowel rod.  I decided to put triangles in all four corners so that it could be hung in any orientation.
I plan to use these fabrics together in other projects.

I just added photos showing how the Fast Finish Triangles are used for hanging the mini quilt with a dowel rod.


Backside showing corner triangles for hanging.
Hanging rod cut to length
Hanging rod inserted into top triangles.
Hanging rod inserted into triangles for alternate orientation.





Love the fabrics...I have never done the fast finish triangles need to look those up


True They are just squares of fabric folded in half and attached to the corners. A small dowel cut to size is inserted in two of the corners and then it can just be hung from a small nail. I really like this technique for all of my projects.


I love these colors. Being a newbie....I don't know how you hang this with those triangles? Does the rod go thru the triangle?


Azjune Thanks I like this better than what I have been doing...so think will try it for do not disturb sign.


Conniharns I will post a photo tonight with the rod inserted. Basically, you just use 2 neighboring corners that would be at the top of the quilt, slip one end of the rod into one of the triangle pockets and then slip the other end of the rod into the other triangle pocket. You only need 2 triangles, but with the mini quilts that can be hung in any orientation, I like to add them to all four corners so it can be hung with any side as the top side.


Great use of some of your leftovers! :)


Azjune Thank you so much for teaching me about these Fast Finish Triangles I loved them!! So easy and so much better and I read on line if you put a rod in bottom as well helps quilt hang nicely. For today's project that was not an issue but will remember it for others! Another great hint from a fellow threader:-)


True True, I just added a photo to Christmas Town showing how I added the corner triangles in addition to the hanging sleeve. The rod inserted into the upper and lower triangles does help to keep the corners from curling and to hang nicely.


Great way to use uo your fabrics. Fun colors!


Thanks for posting the dowel pictures. Very clever use of triangles! I thought those triangles were sewn down...hence my confusion! Great way to hang project. Thank you

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