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Crazy quilt
Top Assembled


I'm working on another crazy quilt.  This one will be much smaller than my last one, with a total size of only about 36x54 inches.  I got a good start on it last weekend during #VCN, but I ran out of my neutral thread I was using to seam everything.  I have to wait until I can get more to finish.

**Update 01/28/2013**
I got a little more work done on the crazy quilt today, but not near as much as I would like. I can't wait until I'm feeling up to snuff again - I think I'll blow through it when I can work for more than half an hour at a time.  Either way, it is looking pretty good.  I like the new technique I'm using this time, adding the "decorative" zig zag stitch around all the pieces.  It's letting me sew down pieces that overlay one another without getting a "lip" that sticks out.

**Update 02/10/2012**
I've been working on this during the last 2 #VCN meetings, and I've made a LOT of progress.  I'm looking forward to finishing the crazy quilting part by the end of the week.  Then I just have to decide if I'm going to leave it that size, or if I'm going to be adding a background.  I'm considering adding a black background to the piece and playing with it being offset.  What do you think?

**Update 02/13/2012**
I'm so excited!  I finished the center section tonight!  I still need to buy the yardage for my planned design, but I've got that part figured out too.

**Update 02/17/2013**
I got the black yardage for the background yesterday, and got it sewn on, so the top is now finished.  I'm looking forward to being able to send this one out to be quilted.

**Update 02/18/2013**
I completely forgot to tell you yesterday.  I also purchased yardage for the backing.  I'm using an amazingly soft baby blue minkee.  I think it's Moda Cuddles.






Love the curved bits!!


Wow...all those fabrics really keep the eye moving. What a fun way to use loads of scraps.


I love those scraps! This is very inspiring. I hope you get some good ideas on what to do with the background. :)


Wow-this is so incredible- I think you should trust your instincts here but if you're collecting opinions- a background is said to give the eye a place to rest- so theoretically it could be good here- but it will come down to how it actually looks when you "audition it"- Either way this is quite an accomplishment!


Mymble Thanks! I'm thinking on doing something like this: but using a different solid. I'm thinking black.


Oh definitely...takes it to a whole new place...and the black sounds good to me...put my vote in the yes column!


The black sure adds interest and drama. Yeah....go for the black.


Yeah! Can't wait to see this with the background- you are one gutsy sewer- fabulous!


Mymble Charwirfs Carolmarie thanks ladies! I'm hoping to make it down to my friendly LQS sometime in the next couple days to get the black yardage I need to finish the top. My valentine's day gift this year is that I can send some things to the quilter (which is good, since this will be the 3rd top ready to go.

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