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1/25/13 A friend recently got a nice P&S camera for Christmas, but she's got it wrapped in a washcloth in her purse. I'm going to surprise her with this  next week. I use a larger version of this to wrap my DSLR lens when I carry it in my purse. It's a fun way to practice FMQ, too.

4/1/13 A camera strap cover for a friend's birthday. (Because I'm too lazy to actually make a strap ;) ) I used this tutorial: http://www.honeybearlane.com/2012/04/make-a-quilted-camera-strap-cover.html

4/16/13 Another camera strap cover, this one I'm keeping for myself. The green/white/black fabric comes from a yard of thrifted home dec fabric from Ikea that was thrifted. The rest I already had.

6/29/13 We have limited space for the recently added turntable, so it has to go under the cabinet, where there is no room for the plastic dust cover. So I used a couple fat quarters and a sewing machine cover tutorial from Crafty Gemini, and made my own.

Tutorial found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ALwwH_F1FU

11/2/13 I had to retire these cargo pants over a year ago, but they were my favorite, so I kept them so I could make a messenger bag. I used Noodlehead's tutorial, but found this YouTube tutorial for the last step of putting it all together.

1/17/14 Sewing machine cover for Mom, made entirely from scraps from her ^batik-twister quilt. And I mean every. last. bit of that cream fabric was pieced together. I barely had enough!

2/3/14 I'm addicted to foundation piecing! This little birthday cake was inspired by that rainbow cake that was floating around Pinterest last year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, either a card, or a mug rug, or...? I'll add to it, but I'm not sure how.

4/5/14 Camera strap dress accessory.

11/11/14 Boxy pouch. This watercolor fabric was an impulse buy for me (I never do that!), and when it came time to make a new overnight bag, I knew that's where I would use it. I used this tutorial by Pink Stitches, and this FMQ tutorial by A Few Scraps. The bottom is denim. I'd planned a denim strap, but realized soon enough it was too thick for my machine to sew through all those layers. 3d sewing is no fun, IMO, but I love the results.

11/13/14 Dog bed for my home office. I've been saving our old jeans and finally decided to use them (mostly because I need the space). I'm using this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. The gussets will be Ikea home dec remnants, and I'll match the green for the piping.

12/19/14...heating pad cover for my senior kitty, Tiny. We'd been using a mish-mash of bath towels, and it finally dawned on me I could make something that looked SO much nicer. I had extra blocks left over from my bee quilt, so I used those. Eventually I'll finish those bee quilts and they'll match.

12/24/14...Decided to make a heating pad cover for myself, only this time I used a piece of thrifted flannel rainbow batik, then just went to town with the FMQ. Totally inspired by Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps. I just hemmed the ends and sewed up the sides.  


No purpose for this, just something I could finish in one sitting.
Beginnings of a birthday gift.
We're going to be in this rental for longer than planned, so I figured I should start making it my own. Batik bunting for the front entryway, the outside of my home office window, and outside the kitchen window.
This one is mine.
A gift for a friend.
A gift for a friend.
An outdated photo of "what's in your bag?" though the only thing that's really changed is my phone.





Love your camera strap covers especially the green and black one. This is something I really need to make. Thanks for the tutorial link. What do you carry your camera in?


Thanks. I carry my camera in my purse in a lightly padded drawstring bag, and my extra lens in a quilted wrap. I just uploaded photos of them.


Thanks for the info Juline !


OMG!!! another project I want to do....sew little time!! Love the camera strap


I love them! Very cute and functional ;-)


These are some great projects!


Great use of a favorite pair of pants. Love the lining, but the use of the pockets is really a nice touch. I am guessing people will notice that when you use it.


Awesome projects here... I really like how the sewing machine cover came out. And that bad made out of pants is fantastic, something I should definitely try!


I just love your sewing machine cover...beautiful


Your daffodil is beautiful. It would make a nice springtime pillow


I love your daffodil. Much needed in light of the winter we've been having!


Great new camera strap - goes great with the dress (top?) !


Thanks, Mymble . It's a dress I'll be wearing to my brother's wedding next week. I figured I'd ditch my purse right away, but I'll be carrying my camera around all night, so I wanted the strap to look nice.


These are fabulous!


Great boxy pouch and yeah I would have impulse bought the watercolor fabric too cause it's fantastic- one of those that just make it impossible to say no to!


I also impulse bought the watercolor fabric - love what you used it for!


Love the heating pad covers ...what a great idea! and your quilting is most impressive!


HawkFan and True , thank you! I started a second rainbow cover, and approached it more with symmetry in mind. I'm not liking it as much as the randomness of the first piece. Hmmmm...

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