Hot Cross Buns by Jenniesthreads


Hot cross buns


This will be a 21st birthday present for my sister-in-law. She is now 22....

It should have been a layer cake project, but I cut my own layer cake from batik fabrics.

I picked the fabrics - all batiks, washed the fabrics, made the first four blocks and got bored. Every so often a pang of guilt hits - or Steph does - and I do a few more blocks.... I really really need to get this finished now - it's on my list for the 1st Quarter of the 2013 Finish Along (it was also on Q4 last year....)

The backing and batting are both bought and the binding is the same pale pink as the sashing - really - I just need to get it done! Please give me a kick :)

24.03.2013: It's sashed. I just sat down and did it, and it went quite quickly! It's about 80" x 80" already so I've decided not to add any more borders and do a scrappy binding instead. Ready for basting. But I don't think I'll make this a first-quarter finish...

29.03.2013: we basted the quilt today. In order to keep the cost in check I bought a really good quality black king size sheet that was a slight second. When I bought it I paid less than half price and risked what the fault would be - it turns out there is a small glitch in the weave running right across the fabric - but only if you look really hard can you see it. I've picked a lilac thread for the quilting and I'm going to use it back and front so on the black back it will stand out nicely!





Ok I laughed out loud at your first sentence! I worry my sister's 60th birthday quilt could end up being a 61st if I don't get going on it!! But you have to finish this as the fabric is gorgeous and it will be so pretty when done:-)


Sending you a Kick!!!! Consider yourself kicked! This will be a beautiful quilt and what a great gift! Turn up the music-sit yourself down-and finish that beauty of a quilt!!! :) Debbie
True ,-You too!!


It would make a good leader project! I wanted to make my daughter a special sweater for her 30th birthday. It has been raveled 2 times now and she just turned 35. :)


Sblprl1 Sewzalot True Thank you for the kick!


keep going almost there and it is gorgeous!


Love this. I was worried my sisters 40th wouldn't be there before her 41st but only 6 weeks late and she has it. Great fabrc choice.


Love your idea for the back and what a deal!

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