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Jan. 29, 2013 - As a relatively new quilter, paper piecing has me thoroughly intimidated.:scream: My first ones were done with Amy Gibson's, Craftsy BOM and I put them off as long as I could. They ended up being much easier than I had envisioned in my head.
None-the-less, I remain the look, frightened of the process, then along came Betsy! :sunglasses: (Don't Call Me Betsy blog) Interestingly enough her BOM offering guessed it, paper piecing! So I just looked at the possibilities, held my breath, subscribed, and yes, avoided getting started.
Well, everything has been printed off and waiting patiently for me for a day such as today. Here is the result of my intro/practice block. The bulk from the center seemed to shift during the final piecing, so it is a bit wonky, but I did it. Onward to the January block...not today....but soon....sooner than later, I promise.
Apr. 6, 2013 - Well, Jan., Feb., and Mar. blocks are all finished. I'm still having issues with matching seams. Regardless, I'm enjoying the process. I think some of the seam inconsistencies may have to do with the fact that I have a very basic sewing machine and the feed dogs pull inconsistently when the thickness of the material changes, such as on overlapping seams. That may bring a new machine in the future, but not now. I'll just work with what I have.


Lucky Stars BOM 2013 Intro
Lucky Stars BOM 2013 Jan.
Lucky Stars BOM 2013 Feb.
Lucky Stars BOM 2013 Mar.





What a beautiful block!


Looks good! I love paper piecing (learned just last year due to encouragement here) but I have stayed away from patterns that require all the points to meet in the middle as I just struggle so with it (well even when not paper piecing I struggle with it) and it frustrates me to no end. I need to just work on it (as well as my FMQ). I will say that Carol Doak's Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars is my go to for paper piecing as I love the options it gives me and I have made both my quilts, and other projects, from this book. I highly encourage you to look at it. (She also gave me a method of joining binding ends that I love and was first method I can consistently do!) Good luck and keep going.


Thank you for the kind comments!
True, thank you for the heads up on the Carol Doak's 9-Patch Stars. I'll have to try it. In the meantime, I am determined to slowly work my way through the Lucky Stars project. Threadbias is such a good support network. Posting my progress here monthly will keep me on track. Otherwise avoidance will get the better of me and paper piecing.


Beautiful block! Thanks for the reminder that I need to do my January block for this group :)


I love the choices you made in colors for this block. You've done a wonderful job with your very first paper-piecing. Isn't it exciting to get such perfect points and without tearing any hair out?

I agree with True. Carol Doak has to be my go-to for paper-piecing blocks. I have her 50 Stars book and I've done so many of her blocks. My latest Quilter's Hoodie uses some of her blocks for the ribbon look going up the back. You will love her!


How fun! I'm doing these blocks too and just came across a trick the other day for matching the centers and I'm going to try it when I get to my blocks- you sew from the middle out. Explained here:

True , Caribousmom and Quilterinmotion You all might find the above link helpful too.


Rebecca thank you!! I will check it out as I sure need help!


Rebecca Thanks a bundle! I'll try that with my next block. As I read the tutorial it mentioned ironing the seams open. Hmmmm, I pressed to the dark and I think all those seams were too much and it all shifted when I sewed over them. The fun in all this is the journey! walking


Oma-rita I pressed to the side on that block too when I made the 6" It just seemed like the seams were "happier" that way. I usually have better luck with matching when my seams are pressed opposite rather than open. I"ve found it's best to have the top seam the one that is facing into the machine and the bottom facing you. I don't pin (in my experience it keeps things from matching as well), just nest the seams together and have my finger make sure they stay matched together as I am feeding the block into the machine. Then when I get just into the seam allowance, I stop with the needle down and make sure that the top seam allowance is going neatly under the machine. Then most of the time the presser foot sort of pushing towards you with the bulk of the seam and the feed dogs pushing the underneath layer away from you and that combination presses things together so it all matches up. That's what seems to work best for me anyway. But the sewing from the middle method seems like another option that may work well if the seams are pressed open.


Rebecca Thanks for that link - I'll have to try that technique!


Thanks Rebecca . That is the way I do my star blocks too. I've had some where there is so much thickness when you've paper-pieced that is is almost impossible to get the join to lay flat without a bump. Trimming the points in the seam allowance may help some.


Lovely blocks and good on you for sticking at it!


Your blocks are great....I want to try this too!!


Great blocks! Congrats!

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