Navy Disappearing Nine Patch and crib bumper by Ajdub


Disappearing 9 patch


This quilt is a surprise gift for my brother in law and sister in law who are expecting their 3rd boy in March. She and I re-covered her old crib bumper pads with fabrics from Joann's. Not my first choice of places to get fabric but she is far less picky than I. Price is more important than quality. (I did guide her to the nicer fabrics.) The 3rd fabric in her bumper is a DS Quilts fabric but the store was out of it when I went to get the quilt fabric so I filled in the white and navy and the Kona Navy to tone it down.

This quilt had a couple of hiccups along the way. I started out using a block pattern from a quilt along, but it came out rectangular. I am not sure why she had different sized pieces, but it messed up the block. So then I made one with 5 inch squares, which when great. But after cutting some of the strips for the rest of the blocks realized I was not going to have enough fabric if I made the blocks with 5" squares. I cut down the strips to 4 1/2  bought some backup fabric just in case, and it worked out perfectly. The backup fabric I bought did not even get touched. :) Guess I will make a bag or something with it.

**Update: 07-17-2013

More hiccups with this one. I got it nearly completely quilted with a meander and some doodling and turned it over to find folds in several places in the backing. I had to un-sew all the quilting. Then it sat. A month or two went by. Then I basted it with spray baste and then it sat for another month or two. I finally quilted it last month then it sat again. It is machine quilted with a large crosshatch, with squares in the centers. I pieced the binding towards the end of June and got it on stitched on the front. A few days later I took it with me to the dentist and got started stitching the back down and finished it yesterday. I gifted it today and she was thrilled.
Glad to have it done.





Love this how the fabric gives the impression of the quilt being circular very cool! Great pattern and fabric


It was really testing you! Love it and glad it is now with its new owner:-)


I really like the way the navy block sort of spin. Provides nice movement to the quilt. Good job!!!


When I first saw this I thought it was Drunkard's Path because of the circular motion. Very cool!

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