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Greetings from antarctica
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January project--Pretty in Patchwork Sew-Along.

Jan 25:  I finally finished my paper piecing.  This project has been a struggle so far.  The only black fabric I had on hand was some velveteen and some slinky polyester.  I chose the velveteen for the the bear's nose and the penguin.  The bear's scarf is a bit of plaid flannel.  The black velveteen was not the ideal fabric--I now have black fuzz all over everything!   I didn't notice that one of the bear's pieces was too small until I had sewn the next several pieces.  I didn't want to rip it all out so he has a small patch under his right ear.   The penguin's seams are crooked.  My bear and penguin turned out to be mirror images of everyone else's.  How did that happen?  Do I really want to finish?


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Love the plaid scarf- you must finish them:)))- don't know why yours are going in the different direction unless you printed them backwards or sewed on the other side of the paper?- but it really doesn't matter all that much which way they are going! Black velveteen is a bear ( ha ! pun intended) but seems perfect for the nose!


I glad you know that polar bears are not found in Antarctica!


PS: Yes, please finish them. They are adorable.


yes please finish them .... there is no way I could of even attempted to do what you have done. Please continue


They are adorable! And how great that you have some texture in yours!! You really must finish them.


jbr, well they are looking adorable to me plus you have to remember that you will see all the "mistakes" you think you made but no one else will see them or know. You might even like how "different" they are once you get them finished. Give it a try.


I am also interested how the bear came out mirror imaged. I have no idea how that happens


I also vote for them to be finished!! The bear's scarf is priceless!! Love it. ...and velveteen for the will become "The Velveteen Penguin", much loved!


Speattle LOL. I guess it's my scientist side coming out. I'm all for artistic license but... to be a snowflake it must have 6 points--not 4 or 8, to be an insect it must have 6 legs--not 4 or 8, and polar bears live in the arctic not Antarctica.


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Thanks for all your encouragement. You were right Quilt455 --after letting the paper piecing sit for a week or so, it didn't look as bad. I've added the borders and will probably finish, but maybe not right away.


Quilt455 I'm not too good at following instructions. I skimmed through them to get a general idea of what was going on and then did it my way. When you paper piece you are working on the back of the block, so your pattern needs to be the mirror image of the front. When I enlarged the pattern, I reversed it to make it match the book's photos, and didn't really think about it much. The book's instructions don't say to reverse the pattern, so no one else did.


These are great! You should continue with them. I love the extra texture of the velveteen! Do reinforce the edges of the velveteen somehow though if you plan to ever wash what you are making.

I realized after I was home and looking at the pattern that it didn't say to reverse so I didn't , and that everything was going to end up backwards. Good for you that you noticed while you were enlarging! Ultimately it doesn't matter, but it sure has thrown a lot of people for a loop wondering why their design came out "backwards".


Darling! And the plaid scarf is perfect. I've yet to dive in on this project but I think someone in my house will be missing a flannel shirt!

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