Fireflies by Charwirfs




   Fireflies began as a challenge.  We were given a pattern for a star and told that we had to use it with fabrics of our choice and that we could make any textile item of our choice.  We had 30 days to complete the challenge.  
   I bought half-yard cotton prints that I had been admiring, a printed panel, and added a few other things from my stash.  I pieced the first star block...huge...scaled it in half and was happy with the reduced size.  Stitched up 5 more blocks.  Off to a good start.
   I started arranging fussy cuts and stars on the design board and was frustrated by the square shapes of the star blocks.  My quilt was only going to be 16" by 20" and the squares were occupying too much space.  In the kitchen I found a clear-colored, sauce-pan lid and started tracing around the square blocks and cutting out circles, which made me tons more happier.
   I used perm fabric markers to color in "Pods of Peace" fussy cut as well as the watering can.  I also added embroidered embellishments to to all of the small pieces.  I hand quilted the piece with two strands of embroidery floss adding more embroidered embellishments as I quilted.
   Lesson learned:  the finished wall hanging was bulky, stiff, flat-looking, and was hard to stitch through.I had applied too many layers of fusible web trying to save time.  Traditional applique takes a lot of time to complete.  I might have tried just fusing the edges of each piece or gluing the edges followed by trimming away the fabric underneath instead of sewing them down.  But no...I was in a hurry and fused it all down.  Do any of you have suggestions?  
    Still, that being said, I was very happy with the results in spite of my sore fingers.  Almost everyone in my challenge group made totes or bags, some table runners.  One lady made a dog bed.  Several others scaled the star pattern down too.  Those who did not found it a challenge to fill in the space around the stars and had better luck if they used a solid fabric for the star and a printed fabric for the background.
   I finished the project on time and showed it at a local quilt show in Oct. 2012.


Fireflies finished. Size 16" by 20"
Fabrics used in Fireflies project.
On the design board.





Your project definitely shows all the time and thought you put into designing it! I love looking at all of the detail packed into that 16 x 20 inch space.


This is really unique and interesting quilt...well really piece of art. Really like it...


I like this. I wish I could see it on a wall with a little distance. Very nice!


This is quite lovely. You've created a beautiful piece. I agree with you about "being a grandmother". That takes top honors with me.
I had the same experience with using fusible with my wool applique background. Oh, the poor fingers. I think I would use featherweight fusible if I do it again and also, cut the centers out and fuse just the edging. Less bulk and less to stitch through. Beautiful piece, and love the idea of the circles with the stars inside.


Quilterinmotion thanks so much for the feedback. I will try cutting the center out of the fusible web. Also I wonder about using appliqué glue. Have you had experience with that?


An interesting piece to say the least! I love the randomness of it.


If randomness is even a word...just saying!


Randomness is a word. Thanks for the comment. Your sewing room view sounds fab. Would love to see it.


Charwirfs , I haven't tried applique glue but I have used fabric glue sticks on other projects and it worked quite well but they were small project pieces. Let me know if you do try applique glue; I'd be interested.


I love the juxtaposition of shapes and colors. Whooo Hooo...


sparklebarbie Thank you. This one was fun to put together.

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