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Someone I work with is due to have a baby around Easter, and I thought I'd do something nice and make a baby quilt, therefore putting myself under pressure to actually finish something. I found a cute baby sheet at an Op Shop to use as the backing which is just perfect for the Posy line (it's the same aqua green and covered in bunnies). Now I jut need to make the time and space to baste and quilt it :astonished:

17/2/13 :

Started quilting! I decided to just use my walking foot to do straight lines to create a zig zag following the direction of the blocks. The thread I chose is a Guterman thread I found in my random collection of threads my mum gave me. I was going to use my regular white Aurifil but I love how the aqua thread pops in the solids :)

I do have to unpick a bit of it though because it started bunching in the back whn I made a boo-boo and tried to re-do it which serves me right for trying this right before bedtime when I lose concentration. I don't mind though.

I do have to figure something out for the binding though. :cold_sweat:

2/3/13 : 

FINISHED! The quilt is currently being washed as I type (too bad for the work clothes I need to wash instead, especially the white shirt with the tomato sauce on it ... hehe). I've had the binding stitched onto the back of the quilt for a couple of weeks, but on and off since then I had been undoing whatever I stitched to the front. I started off using the tutorial from In Color Order but I was having a hard time keeping everything straight enough so that the raw edges of the quilt wouldn't bunch up and slip through underneath to be visible :angry: After about four hours of trying to not punch myself in the face today, I found this tutorial which suggested using blanket stitch for the front and wow, it was so much easier!

I'm not 100% happy with the quilt, but hey it's the very first one I have actually completed so I guess it isn't too bad. However it's making me doubt myself into giving it away in case my work friend doesn't like it :eyes: It's the thought that counts, right, though?!

Now I have to pack up my sewing room as my husband and I bought our own house, and we're moving next week :astonished:

3/3/12 :

Quilt is dry. I'm much happier with it now as some of the stitching flaws disappeared in the wash :)


Another look
Peek at the backing
Rough Layout
Started quilting!!




Jo, that is really sweet. 15 minutes a day will get it done. ;)


I really like this for a baby quilt. You did a great job on your pins and colors a wonderful. She is going to be thrilled.


Very cute. I love how you have some zigzags that carry through from one side to the other.


Perfect for a sweet!


I like the aqua thread! Hope you can fix the bunching spot without too much trouble. For binding I think a darker pink would look great - you have tons of options though since there are so many pretty colors in this.


welcome to the club of movers - I'm banana boxing at the moment ... and preparign the goodbye pizza

Do make the quilt as gift - it'S really a sweet quilt - and I know I'm always too strict on myself judging my own quilts. So do believe all the lovely ladies here that tell you it's in fact something to be proud of. Hmm how could your firend not like it?

Remember to pick out a hand sewing project or knitting or crocheting, something small to keep you sane during coffee breaks while moving.


I gave the quilt away this morning and she loved it :) Another one of my staff even requested I make him a quilt for his upcoming baby and he's going to ask his wife if she would like one for their 2 year old grin

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