Holiday Surprise Reverse Applique Pillow by Mymble


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Reverse applique valentine pillow


Valentine's version of the Holiday Surprise Reverse Applique Pillow from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays.
 I used Kissing Booth by Moda  ( love love love this collection!) and Moda Cross Weaves Wovens- brown ( so sad they are discontinuing this fabric*). I altered it a bit by making the edge a corded trim- in red velvet, instead of a binding- the velvet was too bulky to fold nicely at that size.
It was still a bear to attach-  this velvet is the good stuff ( I had a coupon at Joann's) and  sooo slippery.
I still need to make a proper insert, so for now I simply stuffed it with another pillow- hence it does look a bit like some kittens are having a fight in there- looks better I promise;))))
As others have mentioned- you have a lot of squares left over from this project- I used a charm pack and I have enough for a second pillow and small zippered pouch- back to the sewing room- as my younger daughter wants one too- this time with white
Cross Weave Wovens- not sure if it's discernible but this wonderful fabric almost looks like suiting fabric- it has a great slightly rough texture and the colors are a varying brown and blackish brown- very dimensional- I'll miss this fabric when it's gone:(((


Trying for a better pic- gloomy day arghh!
Front- Kissing Booth & Cross Weave Wovens
Lumpy back-need to make insert!!





This turned out so, so nice! I still have not started mine...But, this is motivation to get going! LOL about the kittens inside-adds even more charm to the pillow!


Gorgeous. The Kissing Booth worked so well with this. :)


Love this with the brown wow! Ok since I am officially stalking your ever move now;-) is that by chance your living room???!!!


Really nice Mymble; love pink and browns together and this was a great combination of fabrics.


Oh that cross weave does look fantastic! Great use of the velvet, all around lovely! LOL at the fighting kittens look.


This pillow is perfect for your couch and I don't see why it can't stay up past Valentines. I had never seen the Moda Cross Weave Wovens but I see why you love it so much. Is it thicker than the shot cottons (or is it shock?)?


Laweigel Many thanks- you should definitely do one- it's very fun!


Silsbee Thanks so much- I am seriously in love with this line:)- ah fabric love an incurable disease;)))


True Ha ha- yes that's my BROWN living room-and thanks- the collection has enough brown for me to justify using it as the background- and hey- chocolate is brown right / so I figured it fit right in;))))


Quilt455 Thanks so much- do love browns and pinks- this collection was perfect for it.


Carolmarie Oh yes- actually brown is a misunderstood color ;)) ( cue the violins and sad puppies) truly does work with so many other colors- and I do love it with garnet and other deep reds:)


Rebecca Thanks- as long as nobody turns it over I'm safe until I can get to making the insert:)- and oh boy am I going to miss that fabric line- all of the colors are great and it is so unique.


Terryt1955 Yes- think I can leave it up- the brown living room needed some more color. The Cross Weave Wovens are a bit like a linen in that the weave is loose and a bit "slubby"- is that the word- but not as rough as a linen- so I guess they are closer to shot cottons- some of the colors have even more sheen to them- it's a unique line and I am sounding like a real whiner but I wish they weren't discontinuing them:((


That is lovely.


Ooh this is gorgeous! Love that fabric line against the dark fabric. I've never heard of Cross Weave Wovens before, guess it might be too late to collect them though.


Stamdl Capetowngirl Thanks so much! Stamdl - You can still get Crossweaves- Pink Chalk Fabrics, to name just one online store, has a nice selection- it's just that Moda has 'discontinued' this line.

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