Autumn by Pave


Brain Storming






well several iddeas come to my mid

  1. log cabin, with very thick logs, and larger center square than usual - use each fabric once in the center and

  2. get a dark brown or dark creamy solid and use your collected prints as inlaid squares - like here bluegreenpink

  3. I find that the disappearing 9 patch block is very good to "showcase" fabric, rather than have it vanish in the pattern. You might want to think about using a solid for the center square to give it some order.

ok that's all for the moment ... I will come back if I can think of more...


The very first thing that came to my mind was a Disappearing 9 patch. The ones I have done I just love how it makes the fabric play together and the look it gives. Autumn's Grace and As the Bee Flies are both examples of this pattern done randomly but you can do as Leo suggests as well and have one fabric be the center square and then also how you choose to put blocks together can also create different looks. Also you can pick the size of your 9 patch squares to work with whatever gives you maximum use of the way your fabrics are cut. I have used 5" squares for the two I show you here but you can use larger or smaller as you need to...this quilt is also a D9P but with sashing Frolic on the High Seas


Adding in a solid and using a solid sashing will "modern" it up a lot. I do that all the time when I have non modern type fabrics but i want to use them and make them look fresh and new.


Add a little golden yellow for sparkle...may be in the picture, but I did not see it. Log Cabin is a great suggestion. Pin Wheel is good design for the scrappy look too and Churn Dash with dark fabrics for the center, medium hues for the churn dash, and light fabrics for the background. Dark print or solid (like slicksister said) for the sashing would add drama. (I think when Churn Dash blocks have a dark center, they are called "Hole in the Barn Door." ? ? ?)


Take a look at this pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew: It's great because you can do it in several sizes, and only requires a minimum of a 1/4 yard or fat quarter for each color you do. I actually did it using 1/2 yards for a less scrappy look: Squares and Strips and am thrilled with how it turned out. The best part is that since there are big solid squares in it, as well as the other block designs, you can mix your patterns freely, and still not loose the designs from each pattern.


Mouseinmypocket Charwirfs Slicksister True Strandkorbtraum

Thank you so much everybody! All of you have help my planning process! :)

Especially those dissappearing ninepatches seem intriguing at the moment and that yellow sparkle sounds interesting too...

It's nice to have learnt a bit more about modern quilting too!

I still have to ponder a bit, before I start cutting.


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