Amy Butler Quilt by Capetowngirl


Top Assembled


I started this project  as my first attempt at quilting. I got the Sampler Quilt book and decided to teach my self to do different blocks. I particularly loved the colours of Amy Butlers fabrics at the time. So colour choice is orange, green and pink. I have just pulled out the blocks to take pictures to put on here and looking at them realise just how bad they are. Now what to do. Just use the blocks I have and make a small lap quilt? Just pack it back up? Seems like such an awful waste.  Pull it apart and make the seem allowance a proper 1/4". I made these before I invested in my 1/4" foot. Oh what to do. 

20 February 2012 

Spent yesterday and today adding white strips to each block. I worked out some needed 1.5" and some 2" and then I cut all so that they are 14" squares. I had just enough left over white from a previous project to do this. They look good. Will add pictures when I can get some taken in natural light.

22February 2013

Have completed some of the squares with coloured strips. 4 to go and then to decide what the other 2 squares are 2 be. 
15 April 2013

Have just completed the blades of the Dresden block using a Dresden EZ quilt ruler. Made life so easy. Now need to decide on the center and the background....
This is the last block to do then can start sashing and making my top.

26 April 2013

Final block complete- now to decide on the next step.

18n May 2013

Quilt top Complete - yah!


Complete quilt top
Tumbling Block - My very first block
Rail Fence
Maple Leaf
Trip around the World
Card Trick - love this one
Strip Rail
Spiders Web - Couldn't make the point match so put a puff in the middle
Done before I realised how a Log Cabin should look
Wild Goose Chase
Building blocks
Final block - Dresden





This is way to gorgeous not to finish! Truly I had to really go back and look at pictures to see any concerns and that tells me when all done and quilted and washed you will simply not see them in the quilt. I would not pack it away or rip anything out...I would figure out how to have enough blocks for a small lap quilt (sashing would help there) and finish it up! With the great fabrics, colors and blocks it will look beautiful honest!


True Thank you for that.


just ignore the mistakes .. I mean we all have beginner quilts somewhere that are not perfect .. Just think of how we look at quilts that were done 100 years ago and look at the tiny mistakase they made back then and start musing over how the person learned piecing on that particular sampler, making less and less mistakes in more and more complicated blocks ... one day your quilt will tell a story!


These blocks are truly beautiful. For first-time blocks they are very well done and the colors are wonderful. Looks like they are laying flat too. If they are not the same size, add small borders around each block. These borders do not need to be on all four sides and would make the blocks off center which will add interest. Also many times puffs and puckers smooth out during quilting. Look at these beginner blocks like a challenge, giving you an opportunity to think outside the box and create.


I really loved looking at all of your blocks. The fabrics and colors are gorgeous. I think you did a great job putting them together. If they were mine and not the same sizes, I would do what Charwirfs suggested, but would probably frame them all in one of the very light fabrics, or a white solid and get those babies all trimmed to the same size and put them together from there. Do NOT quit or give up! You will be so happy with this when you are done!


Please finish it! It will be gorgeous and a very beautiful piece that will remind you of your beginnings. I love Amy Butler's fabrics.


I'll echo everyone else - Just keep going! Don't worry about the blocks you already completed not being perfect. Once it's all quilted and washed the little things will not show. What size are your blocks? It looks like you have 10 completed. If you were up for it, I'd consider making 2 more so you could do a 3x4 layout, adding borders to each block with a light/white/neutral to account for size variations if this is a problem. Do you have anything coordinating you could use for borders?


Really lovely blocks - if you still love it (apart from the concerns you mentioned) then finish it up and like everyone else says - you won't notice any of your worries in the final quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!


I have to agree with everyone else....keep going!!! No need to pack it up or go back and fix anything.

I actually did something very similar to you...started a quilt when I was first learning. I had selected the fabrics and cut out all the pieces and began sewing. It then got left behind and packed away for many years (nearly 5 in my case). I pulled it out last year and decided it was time to finish it and get it out of my UFO pile. As I started piecing it and putting it all together, I discovered how terrible I had been at even something as simple as cutting. I had some places I had to fix scant seams and other issues, but I did finish the top, then bound and quilted the thing. I called the quilt "Improvements" as after working on that quilt, I discovered just how much I had improved. It's a sign of my own growth as a quilter. And, in the end, it made me feel really good about myself and how far I've come.

You will see, or have already seen, how much you've improved as well. Take what you've already done, and add to it if you need to at least make a small lap quilt. Trust me, it's likely something that you will cherish more than you realize. ;)


What to do? if you still love the fabric carry on and finish it. For a first ever set of blocks they look pretty good to me. Yes there are a few iffy spots, bot don't worry, once it is all together most people won't see them unless you point them out. Also don't worry if all of your seams are not a perfect 1/4", it is the right side that people will be looking at, not your seam allowances... I have quite a few dodgy seam allowances in my completed quilts, but since they are quilts no-one can see that because the front looks wow - especially when finished ;)


True Strandkorbtraum Charwirfs Sewzalot Oma-rita Rebecca Jenniesthreads Allpatchedup Posyp - thank you all so very very much for your lovely comments and support. I am so pleased I stumbled onto Threadbias. So many wonderful talented people to draw inspiration from. I beleive I have an idea on how to continue with this, so will post as I go along. smile smile


Posyp Allpatchedup Rebecca Jenniesthreads Oma-rita Sewzalot Strandkorbtraum Charwirfs True - please see above. Still figuring out how to reply to people.


these blocks are awesome!! I love Amy Butler too!! Don't quit


You Sew Girl!


Love how you have figured out how to make these work and think white will be perfect!


I am going to echo what everyone else has said. First of all - we are our own worst enemy. You see all the mistakes, but the rest of us see some very pretty blocks with gorgeous fabrics. Finish this one. You'll be glad you did. When I first started quilting, I kept a log of all my projects and when I was done with one, I wrote "what I learned" making it. Every project had mistakes and learning curves...and I STILL make a mistake in every quilt, it seems. The truth is, when you are all done and the quilt is quilted, those mistakes fade away and what you have is a gorgeous quilt. Don't stop! I want to see this one all done (p.s. just read your comments and I think sashing this with white will be awesome!)


Caribousmom thank you. Love your idea of keeping a record of what you learned on each quilt.


Looking great! This is going to be such a pretty quilt!


OMG too perfect truly you have nailed it!


Love the borders you put around each block!! Well done!


Wow...these blocks are incredible. I love the fabric and the colors. Adding the sashing adds such character to the blocks. Can't wait to see if finished.


hey the quilt top is awesome!! You completed it!! :)


Sewbusy64 Thank you. It's taken a while, but I got there in the end and I'm quite pleased with it. Just need to make a decision on the back and can finish it off.


You should be pleased this is gorgeous...I love how you did the sashing...a lovely quilt!


Lovely! The sashing is a great addition!


I LOVE what you did with the double borders on each block! Just a beautiful job of framing them. What a great solution!


Well Done Candice, look forward to seeing it on Wednesday :-)


Just beautiful!


Beautiful!!! What pattern did you use? blossom


Muttmomkay Thank you. I used a quilt book called The Essential Sampler Quilt Book by Lynne Edwards. There are 40 different blocks to choose from.


Thanks, I will have to look that one up... blossom blossom


I some how missed this one is done!!! excellent as it is a beauty:-)


Wow..first time seeing this and its through your glad you hung in there with it...just so pretty!


Mymble True Thank you very much

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