Lacey's Modern Diaper Bag by Kathie


Modern diaper bag from amybutler


I'm on my way to visit my son and his family in Austin (yes I'm trying to stop by Quiltcon) so I had to make something special :smile:! I fell in love with Tula Pink's Salt Water for Free Spirit collection AND there is a new little grandson on the way so . . . a new diaper bag!

I love how this also looks like a large purse and there are six large pockets inside and a cell phone pocket on the outside! This pattern comes from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones book.  It has some wonderful projects! All the pieces are worth it as the form of the purse is perfect! I love how it doesn't really look like a diaper bag.

Since my daughter-in-law, Lacey, likes green and said she needed a bigger purse, I thought this just might work. It's a surprise so if she doesn't like it, I sure do so I'll have a new bag! It would make a great carry on for my visits.

There is also a changing pad that I'm now binding so off to work . . .

. . . Changing pad is done and quilted! The pattern called for terry cloth but I found some soft minky-like fabric at JoAnn's to use. My little grandsons need some soft padding. 

Feb. 20, 2013: I'm in Austin and Lacey loves the bag! Yay, success!


Amy Butler has some great bags and I love the octopus! Can you see the cell phone pocket on the right side?
All ready for baby!
I quilted the front
Wow! Great pockets inside and I love the tab!
Quilted changing pad
Very soft brown backing
When I started it looked easy enough; only two pattern pieces.
But 54 pieces (including interfacing & fleece) later, the day was gone!
I decided I'd better label pieces.
Lining is completed!
Exterior looks great and the octopus on the tab is my favorite.
Did I mention I like octopi?





OMG I love this that fabric is to die for and that bag...wish I had had something that wonderful when my son was born!! And how did you figure that pattern out...amazing. And that octopus is the best...;-) Have a safe trip


True Thank you, it is a great bag and VERY roomy. I just love this line and I bought the octopus in all three color hues. There is also a very cute seahorse pattern. Of course I still have UFO's out there but this was just too cute.


Awesome- she will love it!


Oh my goodness, 54 pieces from just 2 pattern pieces. I can't imagine. But you persevered and what a fantastic diaper bag! Actually it is so much more than a diaper bag. And so stylish too! Loves seeing the little pony scooter. It brought back a flood of memories. I could kick myself for having gotten rid of all our baby toys!


That is really very cute. Do you like octopi?? Lol


Thank you everyone. Terryt1955 and Carolmarie : the 54 pieces include fusible interfacing and fusible fleece that were used on the pieces. The actual purse had about 25 pieces I think . Because you interface and fleece all these had to be cut out separately (or at least in twos). It's worth it for a special purse, the form turns out perfect grin !


I just love this Kathie; so cute for your grandson. Wow lots of pieces but worth it.


Well of course Lacey loves it!


I want one and I don't even have a baby!! So glad she likes it...but that was never in question as it is gorgeous!


Super cute project. It looks fantastic! Glad it was well received.

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