Mystery Swap by AllPatchedUp


Brain Storming


I signed up for the mystery swap here on Threadbias.

We received our partner assignments last week so I've started brainstorming. Hi Mariam! *waves* I won't post full photos until my partner receives her envelope of course, but I like having a project open to keep me on top of things. It keeps me motivated so to speak. :)

I have some ideas & have already done some fabric pulling. Plan on getting started this week!

April 12th: I know my package arrived so just a quick update with a photo of what I sent. Wasn't given any color direction, so the pink/green fabrics that were sitting on my cutting table at the time was my inspiration. I sent a Drawstring bag (tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order), along with a pincushion and mug rug. No patterns for those, just made them on the fly.






How cute are these. I just love the colors and great ideas for the swap.


Thanks Cathie. :)


I love all of these! The colors are amazing and love the quilting on the mug rug...and the bag...ok we need a tutorial on how you did cute and original!


Love the color combination. These were great swap items. I bet your partner loves them.


Thank you True and Drnic2c (and I forgot to tag Quilt455 in my earlier reply!! ;)

As far as the bag, I followed a pattern by Jeni from In Color Order. I have it linked in my description....well, to her website anyway. (I always forget there's a tutorial button I could use! Oops!!) If you go to her tutorials page, there's a free tute for her drawstring bag. She also has a pattern which I will be ordering so I can make other sizes. I will say it's the best drawstring bag tute I've ever made and love the way it's constructed. :)


Great job on your mystery bag gifts! Thought I'd also mention Jeni's In Color Order lined drawstring bag pattern is also available in the Threadbias pattern shop. The tutorial on her website is an example of one size. The pattern includes dimensions for many different bag sizes.


Thanks Sewlorisew ! That's the pattern I was talking about. I plan on purchasing it for the extra sizes. I liked it that much ....I could make a bunch of them! :)


AllPatchedUp I have Jen's pattern and have made several and love it but how did you do the plus signs? It has become my go to bag but no clue how to do what you did with it!


Really nice...loved how it all goes together and the snack mat/mug rug quilting is great


True The pattern tells you what size fabric you need for the outside piece and she gives dimensions in the tute if you aren't using a directional print, so I just made a panel of the plus signs that was that size and used it as my 'fabric'. Lots of sewing to get that panel tho!! LOL I just treated it as one piece and followed the rest of the pattern from there. ;)

Thanks Mymble ! The quilting on the mug rug has become my favorite quilting style and I think will be used a lot....maybe not so tiny but that scale fit the mug rug nicely. I just love the look of it, and think a larger version is what I'll end up doing with for my log cabin bee quilt actually. :)


AllPatchedUp thank you and wow alot of figuring and sewing...impressive!


It's all so pretty! Love the fabric colors. Mariam is going to love them all.


Oh you are a wonderful swap partner!! Lucky Mariam! And I love how you made your own "fabric" for the drawstring bag. The bag is cute enough in ordinary fabric but the pieced plus signs is beyond beautiful. Love the organic quilting on the mug rug too. SCORE you hit a home run!


Lisa_Marie Terryt1955 and Carolmarie Awh....thanks guys!! :)


Really nice swap items! Love the colors. I love Jeni's drawstring bag. I have made a bunch of them for gifts and did buy the pattern and made several in the other sizes.


Thank you deshacrafts !! It is a great pattern! :)

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