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So, I made a little "Thank You" gift for a friend who had done me a favor...or two. lol I didn't want to post the items as the friend is here on Threadbias, but she's now received them so I can post 'em! :)

I made the little wonky star with blues and purples and paired them with a linen. The bag is about 9inches square or so, the star itself is roughly 4.5". I also tried a new technique with the zipper and am so happy with the way it came out. It is straight and flat and more precise. I never liked the crumpled or bent corners of the zippers in my other pouches. I will definitely be doing it this way in the future!! The handstitching around the star was a last minute idea. Like the stitching needs work!! lol

The star on the journal was made with the "Folded Star" pattern...ran across it ages ago and finally got to try it out! All those pressed triangles in the photo turn into the beautiful star. :) I used reverse applique with the linen. My stitching around it is a little machine was grumbling about all the layers it was stitching thru! There's iron-on interfacing, and each triangle is 4 layers thick, plus the linen. So, wonky stitching it was! :D

I always like something to keep my notebooks closed so that the pages don't get crumpled, so I added the elastic to wrap around the back. Keeps the journal closed and neat. Also sewed ribbon into the center for a bookmark. 

So, some long overdue thank you gifts have found a great home. :)


There were actually 20, I had already attached 4 when I remembered to take the picture. lol





I love linen, zip pouches and covered books. Yours are beautiful!


Chrissybugs Thanks!! :)


I cannot tell you how absolutely gorgeous these are in person...I cried when I opened my surprise package (my son is a bit worried about me). Truly Allpatchedup (Angela) I cannot thank you enough for giving me such a spectacularly awesome present. And I got to see reverse applique up close and personal for the first time. Everything about these is wonderful... the different types of stars, the colors and fabrics, the hand stitching. I just keep looking at them and feeling them and cannot believe I get to keep them. I will be taking the journal to work as I keep a really ugly note pad on my desk for things I need to do, follow up on, phone calls, etc. I will be the envy of the entire office! And my office gets more and more special all the time as I now have quilts I have made, a mug rug from Terryt1955 , a photo another friend took of one of my favorite places and now am I a lucky woman!! Thank you...and we need tutorials from you on how to do this... oh and I have never seen linen in an item (other than clothes) so that is also exciting!


WOW!!!!! Awesome!!!! star2 star2 star2 star2 star2


What great pouches and I just got goose bumps reading True 's reaction. I "think" she really likes them!!!! What a wonderful surprise for a well deserving person!

Now, let's have a tutorial on this new zipper installation technique as I am held back on attempting anything with zippers.There are just so many cute zippies out there calling my name!


Carolmarie Thank you so much! I'm happy Mary liked them! ;)


True You are well deserving of those gifts and all the others you've received!!! (Don't rely on that version of reverse applique too was a terrible job lol)

It makes me happy to hear how much you liked them tho! As I said, a well deserving person. My job here is done...tho I didn't mean to make you cry and your son to think you're crazy! :P LOL


Sewzalot Thank you!!


Terryt1955 I couldn't agree more, and yes, I kinda got the impression that she liked them as well. ;) lol

I will do up a tutorial soon since you guys asked. :) Zippers aren't really that bad honestly...and that's a statement coming from someone who used to be seriously afraid of them! I ran the other direction when something called for a zipper! lol They're a little fiddly (for me anyway as I like them 'just sew') but they're easy enough. So...I'll get to work on the tute. Stay tuned! :)


Terryt1955 Allpatchedup yes I like them just a teeny tiny bit;-) And all I did was what people do who can help out so to be rewarded so beautifully made my week/month. I have done zippers before, and always had good luck doing them, but feel like it is just that LUCK! So I always have to work myself up to them again. But there are so many cute pouches and bags out there I have to get going so any hints will be most welcome.


YAY!! A tutorial from Allpatchedup means it's going to be easy to understand AND successful. Can't wait! I am definitely zipper challenged and run from them as fast as I can.


Terryt1955 that is what I tell her! If she writes it I will be able to follow it!!


So pretty- love the blues and purples together and the star technique is awesome- love the adorable zipper charm too! Just great!

AllPatchedUp guys are too sweet! One tutorial headed your way soon....ish :P

@ True you do more than many do...don't think you understand how rare your generosity is these days. ;) It's something to be appreciated!! You'll see the zippers aren't luck, you're just doing them well. lol

@ Terryt1955 I used to be the same way....found any way I could to avoid zippers. I'd use velcro, buttons, ties, anything besides a zipper!! lol But they're really not so bad. ;)

@ Mymble The charm came in as a little freebie with my zippers order from from "Zip It" and it matched just too perfectly not to add it to her pouch. :) I highly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase zippers! Great service. :)

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