Getting rid of uglies by Pave




Ok. I have now gathered some fabrics and I've began to think wonky log cabins is the way to go. It would give a modern twist to those mostly classic prints. I've never done wonky log cabins so this is a good way to practise them. I haven't chosen which tutorial I'm going to follow yet... I'm thinking of using solid white as the sashing/in between blocks-fabric.

sashing 2m=11,80€
Backing+binding 160 cm (280 wide cotton)= 15,84 €
Batting polyester 2m = 7,20 €
Total 35 € excluding block fabrics all used from stash

Top 194 cm x 152,5 cm

I wish the wonkiness would show more. Hmmm.

Finshed measurements 192 x 151 cm.

Got bored with the quilting. So finished it as simple as posible. :)


Here we go
Wonkyish log cabins waiting for white sashing





doing what with them?
I like the one on the right - well they always say you can't discuss taste ...


Strandkorbtraum Actually I don't know yet. Maybe they are not ugly, but awfully difficult to mix with other fabrics. And that's why they keep annoying me :)... I still wish to make a decent project out of them someday!


Oh swap them...


Oh means "or" in early morning iPad lingo


well how about finding a colour that could go with all three fabrics? a warm corn yellow?


I had to chuckle at the word "uglies". About a third of my stash looks like these. I have been quilting since these were the "new" fabrics. Will they make a modern quilt? No, but they can certainly be worked into something scrappy. can swap with friend. A couple of times my small quilt group has had a swap...bring anything you no longer want and lay it out...then anyone can take waht they like. It works really well and is a lot of fun.


Pave One person's "uglies" may be another person's treasure! I think these might work very well in a hexagon quilt for the flowers . I have a Kaffe Fasset book called "Passionate Patchwork" and there is a stunning quilt there called "Pastel Bubbles" it really is glorious and it is comprised of prints that look a lot like yours...


Pave, I am with Janquilter, about 50% of my stash looks just like these. Right now I am into modern quilts but I am sure at some point I will want to make a more traditional quilt so they just sit there in their happy place in my cabinet until I get a great idea. i am sure you will coming up with a great idea for their use.


Quilt455 Stitchcat Janquilter Carolmarie Strandkorbtraum True Ok, ugly wasn't the best word to describe these fabrics... Due to my very limited stash "difficult" would be more appropriate! :)

The thing is that I'm currently trying tu use only my stash (of course I buy batting and backing whwn needed)... And I wish to use all prints on the patchwork. Otherwise I feel it would be a waste of prints

I wish I could attend such fabric swaps (they sound like fun!), but I don't belong to any quilting groups.

Maybe the best thing for me to do now is to find a box, go through my stash and separate all the difficult ones... Then hide them in a box (adding more when nessessary) and forget about them for a while.... Then when there's enough of the I'll see what happens!

Oh, and I do like old looking prints... These ones aren't just my favourite!


Pave you don't need to belong to a quitling group to do swaps - you just say: "I offer: (see uglies above) which are a 1 yard each - does anyone want them and is willing to send me a modern fabric"

[I'm sure you will find someone who will want your fabric and will just send you some (more) modern fabric, or a solid or a quilted pillow case ... in return]


There is a group on here called Pay It Forward where you can offer what you don't want and receive what you do want. Check it out!!


I have heard that if a fabric is ugly you just haven't cut it into a small enough pieces ;)
Sounds like they are more a case of 'awkward' when compared to the rest of your stash. How about collecting all your difficult fabrics and then see if you can make an interesting pieced back?


All 3 of your "uglies" would blend in my stash beautifully. I love calicoes. But like Posyp said, you haven't cut them small enough yet. I try to work in what I call ugly into my quilts sometimes. Just a little bit to add a little interest. When surrounded by other pretty fabric, the uglies kind of disappear.


Slicksister Posyp Rebeccajeffsmith Strandkorbtraum Thank you so much for the swapping info. I'm going to check those out for later use.
"Cutting to small enough pieces" is a great advice too! I hadn't thought of it that way... :)
I've learn't quite a lot past couple of weeks about fabrics. First of all I've always been a lousy fabric cutter... Many times they are just too pretty to cut... But now I have realised any fabric is happier in a quilt than hiding in fabric boxes. That is why I've decided to collect all the difficult fabrics and add a few more and JUST START CUTTING... Maybe something beautiful will come out of it. :)


That sounds like a good way to go. Practise your cutting on fabrics you are not so bothered about, rather than your really special ones ;) Cannot wait to see what happens.


Posyp that is very good advice for a beginner. Practice cutting skills on "not so favorite" fabric.


Rebeccajeffsmith Posyp Thanks guys for the good ideas!


I cut my "not my favorite" fabrics into 2.5" strips or 5" charms. You would be surprised how pretty they become on a smaller scale and mixed in with other fabrics! If you look at my Rainbow Crossroads there are several fabrics that meet this criteria.

I also cut them into strips of varied sizes for string blocks.


Stamdl I already loved your Crossroads and that pattern is what made me join Threadbias in the first place! :D I see what you mean!!! :D


These are not really coming across as uglies to me- actually seem very soft and pretty- just proof that we all really do see things differently;)- I think Posyp and Stamdl have made some excellent points here ( as have others as well!) about cutting and the practice mode with less cared about fabrics. I also think that some awesome quilting will pull together what you have done with the blocks and large spaces of white- and by awesome I don't mean complex or too advanced- just some nice close wavy or straight line quilting- or even curly q's or circles would really add some texture to this- all good though- seems like this is a hugely valuable learning experience and you are going to have fun quilt out of it too!


I like what you have done so far with block and setting. I think it proves that you CAN make modern quilts with old fabrics. I am certainly challenging myself to do that. (I could echo all who say they have fabric like that in stash.) I had bought when I was working so I'd have fabric when retired and with less income--never thinking about change in fashion in fabrics. I will buy some, but am working on using stash.


I never would have thought these fabrics could possibly make a modern quilt, but your minimalist quilt certainly accomplishes it. Kudos!


I love the clothes line! Great way to display a beautiful quilt.


Oh, I love the quilting. It is like adding a block without really adding one. Nice simple and perfect for this quilt.


Posyp I agree that you can change the look of ugly fabric by cutting it into smaller pieces. I was doing an ugly fabric challenge and I got this material with skunks that had little red noses on it. I used it as the binding and it just looked like black and white fabric.


Mymble Clairealex sew_what Speattle Seeneed

Thank you all! blush
I hope that quilting will hold though... Got too lazy to add more.


like the design very much. great job


Great looking quilt for fabrics that were originally unloved because they didn't seem to want to play with the rest of your stash.

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