Craftsy BOM 2012 by Oma-rita


Craftsy bom 2012 with amy gibson


2012 was a very challenging year for us. Why I chose to start a BOM as a newbie quilter, during a year of known major transition, I don't know. Perhaps in retrospect quilting may have been a comforting constant when everything else was out of sorts. You see Summer 2011 we began the process of downsizing from a house (where we raised 3 kids for 23 years) to a condo. To add to the challenge....the condo was out of town. That Fall and Winter we were sorting through years of stuff. That house had FABULOUS storage, just saying.
January and February I still had my sewing machine available so 2 BOMs were completed. March we moved out of the house leaving it in the hands of an estate sale company, and moved to temporary housing out of town. We actually packed up my sewing machine and moved it, along with huge bins, full of fabric and fleece to my parents basement. That didn't mean it was accessible. I could still watch the videos and participate in my head, however.
House was sold, we moved from temporary housing to our camper, then finally in July the condo was completed and we moved in. I had a lot of unpacking and set up to do. That also meant I had some catching up to do on my BOM.
Well it may have been January 2013, but the blocks are completed sashed and bordered. Now I just need to quilt and bind it.



Craftsy BOM 2012





That's a great quilt! And congratulations on finishing it during your "Year of Transition". I think you are definitely right when you say things like quilting can be the "comforting constant" in one's life especially when things seem out of one's control. Hope you'll join our group doing the Craftsy 2013 BOM too! scissors


Wow what a year you had...glad you have been able to settle in and sew again. And yes sometimes we have to commit and do things during those transition times to make sure we still feel in control of our lives! I made one of the most difficult counted cross stitch pictures I have ever done in the middle of divorce proceedings, selling one home in one state and buying another home in another state, prepping house, packing house, working full time and being a single mom of an 8 year old. It truly helped keep me sane but looking back I wonder how I managed to finish it?? But I did and it has hung in our "new" home for the past 12 and a half years now. For me it serves as a reminder I can do anything when I put my mind to it...hope this quilt reminds you of something similar!


Rita, this is a wonderful quilt. I just love samplers.Love your placement of the blocks. I am not one that is good with change so I am so impressed that you were able to complete this beautiful quilt while going through all those change.


Thank you for the kind comments. This was my very first real quilt I've ever attempted. For so many reasons, it will remain very special to me.
When I finished all the blocks and began staging them, I realized that my background white was tonal with flowers and butterflies, so I named the quilt "Metamorphosis".
When I get the quilting done and the binding on, I'll post more pictures. Right now I need to take the time to get through the Craftsy's Leah Day tutorial on Quilting a sampler. She actually quilts this very BOM pattern.


Stunning. I do love this quilt and will definately do it. I also started the download last year but life got in the way. Love the name of your quilt as well.

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