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My 8yr old has shown an interest in sewing. She's sewn a few things already...mostly hand sewing little 'tote's' and things. She just loves it and gets sew excited to make things! Talk about a proud mamma! :)

So, yesterday we sat down together and sewed. I decided a monster stuffie was a good project for her. She drew out the monster on paper and then picked out the fabrics, and we sewed it all together. I helped of course, but she's really enjoying sewing things by machine.

I had to hand sew the 'flair hair' (as refer to it!) on as that was a little difficult, but she did hand stitch the little mouth. She did a great job. And best of all, she absolutely loves it! :)






Ok this is too cute and she is too! How fun:-)


Thanks True . :)


How adorable is that!! So wonderful she wants to learn to sew. In my generation...we used to sew our clothes....but I have to say most of my friends do not sew. What a great time to share with your daughter.


It's just perfect! Love her creativity.. and look forward to seeing more projects. :)


Thanks Lisamarie66 !! Now that we have another machine in the house, she'll be sewing up a storm (or wanting to at least) lol so I'm sure I'll be adding more photos or her projects soon enough. :)

I'm going to show her the comments tomorrow so she can see what other people are saying...she'll be so proud (and I guarantee she'll have a huge smile planted on her face most of the day for it ;)


Conniharns Thank you! I tried desperately to get my 15yr old to dice, just not for her. My 13yr old son did like to sew with me for a while when he was 10 or so, but now video games are far more interesting. So, will definitely foster it in my youngling! :)

I've never been able to sew clothing. It's too scary....that stuff actually has to fit someone!! (Most things I've attempted end up too small for some reason!) ROFL I just don't do so well with it, always been a quilter. Guess I'm just good with flat. ;)


How cute and proud she looks! And I hope she keeps it up so she can become a future quilter like her mama. I'm so envious. I have 4 girls and not one of them know how to sew on a button or hem their pants!


Thanks Terryt1955 . She is very proud...gave him a special place on her bed and everything! (right under her head LOL) :)

I will be doing all I can to keep her interested that's for sure. Someone to pass all my knowledge onto. Ha!! laugh ;) Actually I just hope to have another person to share my passion for sewing with. :)


Oh My Gosh Angela, this is so cute, as is your daughter. How creative. I am sure your are thrilled that she has an interest in sewing; I see lots of mommy and daughter time together. I sewed yesterday with my 5 yr old granddaughter making stuffed flowers for her best friend, one for her and one for her little brother. Her attention span is short and she likes "ironing" the best. (a cold craft iron but just the right size for her), so here I am sewing with her and already planning on what first sewing machine I am going to get her but I think I best wait a little while. hehehehe. I love that she drew it and then created it. Great way to spend time together. Sewing and making memories all at the same time is the best. Looking forward to her future projects.


Sooo cute and so is the stuffed monster! Great job, amazing first project. Does Pink Moster have a name??? Look forward to seeing more projects from lil' Allpatchedup . Looks like a future sewist!


Thanks Quilt455 ! I'm definitely thrilled. :) She's getting more and more comfortable with the machine, tho I still do a lot of 'helping'...I may have instilled the 'watch your fingers' a bit too well!! lol :D (she's cautious by nature)


Laweigel Thank you! Not her first project, but her first finish. :) She was trying to think of a name today, I'll have to ask her what she decided on. :)


What a great looking monster. You can never instill too much 'watch the fingers' Actually the thing to train her (& you) is 'Keep your fingers either side of the needle, not in front of' This is what I was taught at college for using an industrial sewing machine, but it is equally valid for any sm.


What a great project for your daughter! Isn't it wonderful when our kids take after us in the positive things, instead of our worst faults? Lol
I love working on projects with my daughter. She's 33 and has been getting more into sewing. We are working on a quilt for her son right now.
Looking forward to seeing more projects from your little one!


Absolutely adorable- monster definitely needs a name now! It's really great that your daughter is following in your footsteps- I'm sure she will have many more wonderful projects ahead:)


Thanks Rebeccajeffsmith and Mymble . :) I'm going to have her make either a pillowcase or pincushion (of her own) next.

She named her monster Moshi.


Awh, thanks Carolmarie ! :)


Did she name her monster?


True Yep...she named him Moshi. :D (I must say her naming of things has greatly improved over the last couple years. This was the child that always named her animals things like "Lovie Love" or Love McLove". Loving child...not so good with the originality. ROFL)


Moshi is great! I can see a Moshi pillowcase in her future:))))

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