Farmer's Wife Quilt by snippet


Farmers wife sampler quilt
In Progress


When I saw this quilt on the web I knew I had to make one for my own.   But this was going to take a lot of work and I don't have that much experience in quilting.  After all I just started quilting 4 months ago.   How crazy am I?

So... on with the quest to find fabric.  And how much do I need?  The book doesn't say.  :unamused:  While at a quilt convention (Waco's Shop Hop) I found a 38 FQ bundle of Windham's Orchard House.  It's got warm creams and browns and some subdued reds that really called out to me.  38 fat quarters seemed like a lot too.  

:construction::construction::construction: UPDATE :construction::construction::construction:
April 2, 2013:  I've done 48 blocks! I'm really happy with them and am amazed that I've gotten so far.  Of course, being retired helps a lot in creating time to quilt! :innocent:  Block 47: Homemaker had Y seams too!  I followed the instructions in the book and tried to keep calm and it came out well!  :cold_sweat::grin:


Attic Windows & Autumn Tints
Basket & Basket Weave
Bat Wing & Big Dipper
Birds in the Air & Bouquet
Bowtie & Box
Broken Dishes & Broken Sugar Bowl
Butterfly at Crosroads & Buckwheat
Buzzard's Roost & Calico Puzzle
Cats and Mice & Century of Progress
Checkerboard & Churn Dash
Contrary Wife & Corn and Beans
Country Farm & Country Path
Cups & Saucers and Cut Glass Dish
Darting Birds & Duck and Ducklings
Economy & End of Day
Evening Star & Farmer's Daughter
Farmer's Puzzle & Flock
Flower Basket & Flower Garden Path
Flower Pot & Four Winds
Friendship & Friendship Block
Friendship Star & Fruit Basket
Garden Path & Gentleman's Fancy
Grape Basket & Hill and Valley
Homemaker & Homeward Bound
Honeycomb & Honey's Choice
Hovering Birds & Hovering Hawks




Wow, you have a lot done! I really like the antique scrappy look of your fabrics.


Those are really beautiful. Those fabrics and colors are right up my alley. Nice job.


Janquilter I've only done about a fifth of what's needed (111 total) so I have quite a few more to do. Hope I don't get tired of it.


I think my last count was 19...took a break, now I want to get back to making a couple a week.


Janquilter You can do it! I need someone else who is working on their blocks.


Yay! Great progress. I have a special project I need to work on the next few weeks and then I can get back to mine.


Love your fabrics and great skills on your sewing of these blocks! They look terrific!! Admire you for taking this on after only quilting for 4 months!! I have been passing over the ones with teeny-tiny pieces. :( . Inspiring me to get back in my Farmer's state of mind and make some more!

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