Autumn's Grace by True


Disappearing ninepatch


For a dear friend who has been there for me and also rescues dogs!  Best part is she did not know about it and I simply mailed it and when she got home there was this package waiting for her!  Made from Grace by 3 Sisters.





Love this, True! I love making quilts for others - as I'm stitching I am always thinking of them!

By the way - I did not realize you did dog rescue. For many years I volunteered for Northern California German Shepherd Rescue (I fostered dogs for them)...just one more thing we have in common! That separated at birth thing is getting more possible all the time LOL!


Thank you:-) Maybe we need to do some investigating of our family trees!! Most my quilts are done for to others and it brings me such joy. And I have had several people tell me they have never received anything like it before...God that feels good! I have had a chocolate lab for 8 years who we picked out at birth. But I have watched the rescue movement from the sidelines for the past few years and this particular friend was one of reasons. When I decided to take the plunge and get another dog I went the rescue route with SOS Labrador Retriever Rescue...and fell in love with Sadie (our resuce yellow lab who came home in Sept) and the organization. At this point in my life I cannot foster, and am not close enough to their GA site to help get dogs out, so I look for other ways to help...this quilt As the Bee Flies was the first lap size I ever made (last year) and I recently donated it to SOS and organized an online auction with them. (It had been sitting waiting for me to decide who would get it and one day it "spoke" to me and I knew where it belonged) We raised $600 for the rescue- so like 3 dogs worth of heartworm treatment!! And then I also just finished the Sanibel Sunset quilt for another friend who agreed to make a donation to SOS in exchange for a quilt. So I do what I can from here...I am impressed you have fostered must be rewarding but hard work...and I am not sure I would let them go;-) I went and read about your expriences with your other dog, etc. the other day (on your blog) and was so touched. And your writing is a lovely as your quilts...


I think what you do for rescue is really great, True! It is wonderful that your quilting is helping to save dogs. I had a hard time letting my fosters go...but I had a deal with the rescue organization that I was the final say in who they went that helped knowing that I was picking great homes for my pups (I took a lot of puppies vs. adults). Thank you for your kind words about my writing. I still miss my Caribou...awesome dog who lives in my heart (although Raven keeps me so busy now that it helps!!)


This quilt is lovely. What a nice surprise for your friend to open up!


Carolmarie :-) thank you as I said in your thread I just love this is easy and I think has amazing results. And you can combine the blocks in loads of different ways.


Carolmarie Glad you liked it...I saw it when I got back into quilting a few years ago on one of blogs I followed (might have been PSIquilt) and it motivated me to really jump back in.

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