Bee Biased Group Swap by Jodyrose




This is an ongoing swap for 2013 which I was lucky enough to join! I will be posting the blocks as I make them through out the year. Looking forward already to my month of November to be the Queen! :)

If the Queen for the month allows me to choose the block, I want to try to challenge myself to do a more difficult block than I might ordinarily do. Hopefully I will still have hair left on my head when I finish :D

Two months down..well actually three, since chrissiebugs block is in the mail...I am trying to hold off posting photos til the recipient has time to open the envelope! LOL

July 9 update: Posted Mary/Trues April block with my "humility" square in it...I really would have fixed that but she said no...I cringe when I see it!  Also at long last Margaret and Leos blocks are on their way, actually should be arriving soon. Forgot to take photo of Margarets, so she will have to post it. I have a photo of Leos blocks, but will wait til she sees them first before posting photo.

July 16 update: Uploaded Leos June blocks as she has said they arrived in Germany! YAH  Sorry to have to say that the good ole USPO lost Margarets block, I sent hers and Leos on the same day and she still hasnt received it! I am going to choose a 2nd design, just in case the first one does show up, then she wont have duplicates. I have never lost a block in swap before, this is upsetting!

July 23 update: Margaret wrote and said my block had arrived-it must have taken a slow boat detour to Greece in order for it to take that long, but I am glad it arrived! My inspiration for Greece was that I dream of going there and friends of mine who have been there several times sent me an update on their travel blog with a photograph of the Queens rooms on Mykonos which has a mosaic mural of dolphins on a wall, so pleased I had the dolphin fabric to use!

All caught up to July now on to Chandras film strip, having trouble finding the right fabric (no little ones in my life, not much novelty fabric around my stash!) So far all the fabric has come from the stash, and I will find something!

September 24 update:  YEAH Cynthias August block has arrived and I am adding the block photo. I sent Chandras the same day, but hers had to travel farther, so hopefully by tomorrow I will have an update with her photos as well.
Sending out Kathies block for September tomorrow, so I will be all caught up AND I have determined what my month as Queen Bee in November will be! I am working on sample blocks right now. So excited!

September 25 - Kathies block is in the mail and she said its ok to upload the photo. Sorry its sort of blurry, but the colors are pretty true. I was using my old camera and my hands arent very steady!

September 26 - Chandras blocks arrived and I am officially caught up! Still working on my November samples.

December 14- I forgot to take a photo of the blocks I made for Rebecca, but I was caught up til it was my turn. I am uploading the blocks I received from my month as Queen, all have arrived and then some! Thank you for your efforts.

December 30, well, the year has flown by so quickly I can hardly believe its gone. My 2 blocks for Marshas December pattern wen in the mail today, so I can say YES this project is done. Of course, there are many more to take its place, so bring on the New Year!


December Blocks for Marsha
My November Sample Block
September Block-Kathie
August Block-Sewqueen
July Block-Chandras Filmstrip
Chandras Cupcake
June Blocks-Leo
May Block-Mymble
April Block-Trues Star w/mistake but she wouldnt let me change it
March Block for Chryssiebug
Feb Block-Posyps Butterfly
Lawiegels Granny Square Jan Block




Its so beautiful! Thank you!!!


You are very welcome! I can't wait to see them all put together! :)


Love this one!


That butterfly is amazing...was it paper pieced? Love it.


@True yes, it was paper pieced. IT WAS a big challenge for me. I have pp for years, but never a block this intricate or this many pieces (ala Cynthia England style). The pattern said it was 12 1/2 but when it was done, it was only 11 1/2, so I had to add an extra border around it. Some of the pieces were barely 1/4 inch across. But I wanted a challenge, thats why I chose it


Beautiful work on each block Jodyrose I admire your efforts and look forward to being challenged like this!


Chandra, Thanks, you will get there I am sure you are already well on your way. The biggest thing you need for a block like this is patience with yourself and of course, you have to be ONE with your machine..LOL


Really beautiful and inspiring!


I love my block and it adds another story to my quilt!! And it looks awesome with the rest...bought some backing fabric now need to just find the time to get it basted and quilted!


Great August block!


True Thanks Mary! I love that batik, you cant really see it in the photo, but it sort of looks like they salted the fabric, very subtle and very different from all the other batiks in the stash!


Jodyrose , Thank you, this is beautiful! I just love autumn colors smile ! I can't wait for it to arrive . . .


Kathie, that has some of my overdyed fabric in it, I am glad you like :)


Jodyrose, I love your September addition, partly because it matches mine and now I feel like my flower won't be lonely! I look forward to seeing what Kathie does with this.


Jodyrose - I just reread your post about "overdyed fabric" (which I love BTW). Do I need to pre-wash this before adding it to the quilt?


No you dont Kathie, it was overdyed with Procion dyes and has been treated with Synthropol. Very stable.


Love your Decemebr blocks!!


Except I cannot type;-)


Jodyrose , thanks for the heads up on the block post. I adore both of them! They are going to be fabulous with the others I have received and those yet to come. Thank you, thank you! Two blocks...I am so lucky!


I love this block.


Mary , I'm happy you love my block, or I should say the block I chose! Feel free to enjoy it for yourself. I found a picture online but no pattern so I drew it up and you're welcome to use it. You'll find the link over on the December block thread of Bee Biased.


Id like the many pieced foundation pieced butterfly block pattern please yours is stunning

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