At the museum of modern art (Going crazy) by Pave




Inspired by this

I chose to make scrappy looking log cabins, with various fabric strip widths (Cut from 5,5 cm to 10 cm's) and mixing the colors as much as possible. The finished blocks will be trimmed to 12 inches, so a finished lap quilt will require only 20 blocks.

First I thought I'd make a quilt for a baby/child, but the more I look at the blocks, the less I see it as one... I think it's a bit too artsy. The first comment from DH, when I showed him the first blocks, was "It looks just like the museum of modern art!" :D

What I love about this project, is that I completely went out of my comfort zone with the bold colors.

She's finally finished and ready to be used. It's time for the best part: finding the right place for the quilt.:)
This was truly a great learning experience for me. Don't over think and just cut. The result is going to be beautiful in it's own way what ever you do...

Lining 7,1 € Olive green cotton
Polyester batting 5,8€

I'm been having troubles deciding wether I want to keep this one wrapped on a shelf or on the bed. Today it's on the bed. Tomorrow who knows :). That picture frame is waiting for an inspiration to hit!


I think she finally found her place :)
Without flash
With flash :)
The top is ready!
The fun part
Finally some art to fill the frame. I wish I had burnt orange or yellow. The finished result would have matched the quilt better!





Theses are over the top fun. Puts a whole new twist to scrappy log cabin blocks. Looking forward to seeing this finished.


It may not be what a traditional baby quilt looks like but I think the baby would be in love withthese fun blocks!


I think that this is a terrific quilt for a baby/child with the bright stimulating colors. Have fun!


Sbbquilter Terryt1955 Charwirfs Thank you everybody! Well, I keep thinking it's too over the top busy... and the baby is not the only one looking at it :D... That's why I'm thinking of making the baby a coin quilt instead with the same colors thouhg. I think the using solid color strips between the coin stacks will give it some peace AND I have some car race flag print fabric... So if I'd ad that to the ends of the coin stacs, the quilt would function as a drag race play mat also!


Lovely! I've made a couple of quilts like this too, I call them crazy log cabins. I wouldn't see a problem with giving it to a child, it's bright and cheerful. The child won't mind its being a bit more sophisticated (in fact, I did beautiful Welsh quilting on my last two baby quilts) and the parents will appreciate it.


This really is spectacular and your DH is right it is like modern art. I am with the others that I think this could be a fun and different baby quilt. Would all depend on parent's tastes and colors they like but it sure could work and be quite unique and cool for a baby!


This is fantastic! I actually think this would be a really fun baby quilt with all those bright, primary colors! Nice job!!!


I think this is a fun quilt and would be great for a baby since they won't outgrow it in a few years. I showed it to my 4 yo son and he loved it with "all the bright colors and squares." Sometimes what appeals to us as adults isn't always what children would choose for themselves.


Yeah, any baby will like it. So much to explore. The other choice, coin quilt, sounds cool too.


Really pretty! I love it on the bed with all those great pieces of furniture and that neat wooden floor.


At first i thought this was on display at a museum! I kid you not! The furniture you have collected is great!


I love it on the bed - agree with Terryt1955 - it has the feel of a beautiful museum exhibit or something I would expect to see in a design magazine - just fabulous!


Mymble Terryt1955 Sewzalot Thank you all so much for the kind comments! "the feel of a beautiful museum exhibit" :D I must be doing something right... I love to surround myself with old stuff, especially with ones that come with a story. That bed was built 1937 (according the signature underneath). I saved it when my grandma passed and my fathers childhood home went to sale. I assume my father slept in it when he was young. :)

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