JJ & Hilary Wedding Quilt by itsvictoria08




This was my first quilt ever, and I made it as a wedding gift for very dear friends. They LOVED the end result, but it was a huge task. I wonder now if I should have been more timid in my approach to learn quilting.

Mistakes I hope not to repeat:
  • planning -- I had a lot of fabric leftover (which is not the worst thing), but I didn't plan the border/backing very well
  • piecing -- had I been more careful, I could have gotten nicer points in the stars
  • seam allowances -- if I had pieced more carefully, my seam allowances would have been more accurate and thus, my blocks would have been more accurately sized
  • backing -- don't use a bed sheet and don't piece it; if you have to piece it, keep it simple!
  • binding -- I wish I had made my own binding
  • fabrics -- the final quality of the quilt is determined by the quality of the fabrics used; the Jo-Ann's fabrics I used were not great
  • batting -- polyester was a poor choice; high loft polyester was an even worse choice
  • quilting -- stitching in the ditch is difficult for experienced quilters; it is neigh on impossible for a beginner!
I learned so much through the piecing and quilting that, though it was a weary journey with (to me) poor results, I am glad I undertook it. I never start out slow in crafting... I tend to dive in and do things that others say are "impossible" or "difficult." Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much!


full front
full pieced back
quilted border
stitched in the ditch
full quilt




Looks great! I love the Cross on the back. Can you elaborate on why you didn't like the bed sheet for the backing? What was the drawback? What were the problems you experienced with the poly high loft batting?


Speattle Thanks! I picked a good quality sheet, but it was really slippery and hard to stitch. Also, purchasing good quality backing fabric would have been cheaper, in the long run, I think.

The high loft batting was really difficult to quilt on my domestic machine with a walking foot. I can't adjust the pressure of the presser foot on my machine, and the batting was like peanut butter oozing out of a pressed sandwich! I had a lot of pleats in my quilting. After talking over it with a YouTube quilter, she agreed it was probably the high loft batting. Polyester I guess isn't too bad on its own, but it's kind of squeaky when you rub the quilt in your fingers. The recipients love it, though, and I know for a fact they use it. It currently resides in their office chair, the husband used it to curl up this winter while he studied for his accounting exams. :)


itsvictoria08 And how did he do on his exams?


Speattle He had three to pass. He is waiting for the results of the last. :)


What a great first quilt and yes you do dive right in!! But what a great result. Move to cotton batting and I think you will find life is much, much easier but also you get a great final result. And looking back I cannot believe I ever did stitching in the ditch...now never do it BUT the do make a foot that supposedly helps a great deal if you want to do it. And you learned some of the most important lessons early on...that scant 1/4 inch seam really is the key to the rest! Great quilt and I am sure they do just love it.


Oh my! This is your first quilt??? It's marvelous and the colors you chose are beautiful. I really like the cross in the back as well. You can tackle any quilt now.


Snippet Thanks! Yes, it was my first. I tried to choose colors from their decor, and I must say, it fits right in at their house. :) The cross was difficult, something I will probably never do again. Or maybe I just didn't know enough about piecing and made it much more difficult than it needed to be.


Wonderful looking first quilt, I even recognise the block - called Ribbon Chain, because I used it myself for a scrappy hst quilt. You can always go back to 'simple' after you have dived into complicated, because in actual fact it is easier to fudge complicated than it is to fudge simple and anyway there are no such things as mistakes only design variations ;)
I suspect the bed sheet had polyester in it to make it shiny. But I love your pieced back, keep at it - that way you can stitch 2 tops for one piece of batting. Just don't design a front & back that need to be exactly the same size (don't ask how I know, but my Too Loud Man quilt was originally one of those)
PS using starch before cutting your fabric out really helps.


Posyp Thanks! When I found the block, it was called Friendship Star. I know quilt blocks have many names. I do like how it creates "ribbons" between the stars. I liked the symbolism of it as a gift for friends.

You are probably right about the sheet. It was just so slippery. I'll have to go look at your Too Loud Man quilt. :) Sounds neat.

I heard about using starch AFTER finishing this quilt, but I've been using it for my second quilt, Walnut Hill quilt. :) I wish I had heard of it sooner. I've also been using a little on the finished components before stitching them into a full block. Helps me line up seams better.

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