Modern Circuitry quilt by Dontcallmebetsy


"modern circuitry"


One of my quilts on display at QuiltCon is featured in the Modern Quilts Unlimited booth, #308, at QuitlCon. Modern Quilts Unlimited is a fantastic new modern quilting magazine, and I was super excited when they selected one of my designs to share at their booth. This quilt is something I designed a while back, while dreaming of rich Art Gallery solids, and it was a lot of fun to finally put it together.






Now this is a quilt that would speak to my husband (ee geek)! The solids just make it!!


Love it- and I think it has a wide appeal- could see kids loving it as it is or even with some funky fabrics scattered in for some of the circuits- really brilliant!


Really great use of color and space...lovely!


At first glance, until I saw it displayed on the wall, I thought it was a small quilt, wall hanging size or even mini quilt. Then I saw the larger scale. I love that, not to mention the great use of solid colors.


Terryt1955 My son is working on his PHD in EE right now. I think he would love this too.


Speattle so then you know all about geeks! When I became engaged to my husband we went back east to visit his family and also stopped by his alma mater.We went to the student union and it was right out of Big Bang Theory! It sure did explain A LOT about his shyness!


My son is surprisingly un-geekish, People are always surprised to find out he is an EE, and tinkers in a lab. He was the R &D engineer for a manufacturing firm for 3 years before going back to school. He was the one who had to meet with vendors and sometimes present at trade shows, though his heart was always tinkering in the lab, creating. He is quite socially adept, active in sports, and interested in all kinds of subjects. When he was a grad student at Stanford, he took PE classes in golf and sailing. When he was a senior in college he took a Shakespeare elective from a professor who had studied at Stanford. When my son told her he was going to Stanford the next year for his masters, she was shocked to find out he was an EE student. They don't normally elect to take 400 level English courses.


Speattle He sounds wonderfully well rounded! There's a lot to be said for venturing outside of one's box and he obviously tore down the walls. I think the new generation of engineers are a lot more social. Perhaps all those organized youth sports, high school music and art programs and all the other extra curicular activities we involved our kids in did pay off? I know my kids are far more social and outgoing because of it.
So where is he getting his PHD from? Is he still at Stanford? A beautiful school!


Stanford was gorgeous and we loved visiting him there. He is now at the University of Texas. I have yet to go there and see him. My husband is there this week, but it didn't work out for me to go this time around.

Yeah, he did play a lot of sports. When he was very young he took violin for a few years. He was in boy scouts clear through age 18 and made it to Eagle. He was a 4 year varsity starter on 2 of the athletic teams at his high school and a National Merit. He had jobs at both Dairy Queen and CompUsa. I don't know how he juggled it all!


Amazing! I picked up the pattern at QuiltCon. Envisioned it for my DGS putting some faces on the blocks making them monsters. He would love that!!

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