Jelly Roll Quilt by TiffanyRay




I have had this jelly roll of Moda's Panier de Fleur by French General for a long time. I decided to finally cut into and make this block.
This hasn't been my favorite I don't like how I can't seem to get some of the blocks to go the way I want!! But I guess when you use a jelly roll with all the different fabrics, it's supposed to be random like that. I played around a lot with the placement of the fabrics, my favorite was when it made a 'pinwheel' type block - but couldn't get them all to do that. So i went back to the 'square'.

*Update - March 25th: Finished the quilt top... can you believe in VA we had a snow day today??? At least I was able to get this done with my unexpected day off of work.  Now on to the backing, I think I am going to piece it.... I have 1 yard of coordinating red and blue, and some of the natural color fabric left  as well as some scraps of the jellyroll strips used for the blocks. For the binding can't decide if I want to do it in the red or the daughter thinks blue...what do you all think?
*Update - April 5th: Finished piecing the back of the quilt... no picture, but I did use left over 2 inch squares from the jellyroll strips along with some of the red fabric and mostly used natural color fabric. I'm going to do the binding in blue. I have it basted already and am going to start quilting this weekend...

*Update - May 2- Finally pulled the quilt out and started quilting it. I am now worried I won't get it done in time for my mother in law for Mother's Day! UGH! Why do I procrastinate???

**YEA!! Finished in time for Mother's Day!  


Quilt Finished!
Love my quilt holders!!
Pieced Back
Close-up of front
quilting detail on back
Making progress!
Top finished!





Well from here it is really, really pretty! Love the pattern and the fabric. I also struggle when using a layer cake or jelly roll with feeling like I cannot get the placement of fabrics just how I want them but every time find it works out in the end!


I'm with True - I think it looks great! Fun block...and terrific fabrics.


Love the themed scrappy look. Very busy but the prints all from a collection keep it neat, tidy, and "under control." Love the block pattern. 100


Your quilt is super cute! I really like that block, thanks for sharing the link.


I simply love this quilt...just love it. The fabrics and the block both a wonderful. And snow?? Please do not send it north...I beg you not to I cannot take any more. I would personally go with a blue binding...for me I would go that route as while I love the red it can be an overpowering color and there is a lot more of it in the quilt (or at least looks that way from here may appear different in person) than the blue. So I would go with blue to balance that "power" out, just my thoughts:-)


Just followed the tutorial button and I have watched this video before and had no clue it could make such a gorgeous quilt as what you came up with... so one question it is hard to tell from pictures but for each block did you use the same strips for the two you sewed together and then cut apart? (Hope that makes sense)


True I decided to use the two halves from the same strips together in the finished block to make the quilt look less busy or scrappy. Does that make sense? If I remember right, on the blog, she matched them up more randomly....


Love your pattern and colors. Great job. smiley


I love this quilt. Great fabric and wonderful pattern.


Tiffany, I think this is incredible and your fabric choices are spot on. I love French General fabrics but the blues in this collection always gave me pause. You, however have used the blues to perfect advantage with this pattern. This is the best quilt I have seen using this collection. It may be too late but I agree that blue should be the color of the binding. Thank you very much for sharing.


Periblue2 Yes - I am going to go with blue binding. Thanks for your input. I am making this quilt for my mother in law, who has very different tastes than my own and it's nice to know that others think that it is coming together nicely.


Wowser! It is beautiful. What kind of sewing machine do you have there?


Speattle Thanks! I have finished quilting and I am about 1/4 through the binding...doing it by hand...
My sewing machine is a Bernina 550QE. A major gift to myself last June:)


I've never sewn on a Bernina, but I hear they are the Rolls Royce of machnes. They are pretty cool looking.

I am actually considering adding one of the new Pfaff Passport 2.0s to my line-up.


Speattle I think the Pfaff Passports look great! I don't have a Pfaff dealer near me.... I have been eyeing you have one? I think I'm going to find one second hand before I decide to spend a lot of money....


TiffanyRay I am kind of interested in sergers. I have never owned one and only sewn on one in a demo class. If I get one it will be one of the air-threading ones with auto tension as I don't want to fiddle with threading or adjusting tensions. But they are sooo expensive for those features!

If I had one I would probably love it. I have never become accustomed to one, so I guess I don't really know what I am missing.


Love this quilt--a good use of jelly rolls and the colors are cool!

If you want to talk sergers, message me. I did a big study of them last summer and have a lot of thoughts about air threading and tension. I did a cost/ease of use/ bang for the buck study and it was surprising.


Gwynedd This sounds like an excellent forum to start! I'm sure there are a lot of people wondering about sergers and not knowing what to ask.


TiffanyRay I think this quilt is fabulous. I really do! What pattern did you use? I have a lot of jelly rolls I've been collecting and this pattern speaks to me. Love your colors too. Classic and traditional!


Duh! Just saw the tutorial button. I'm wondering if this is the same pattern that The 3 Dudes did called Magic Mountain? Have to go compare. At least I won't have to learn french....LOL


What a lovely quilt! I have only worked with a jelly roll once, so it is fun to see the possibilities. These colors are gorgeous.


Love it what a wonderful gift this will be...and amazing helpers as well!


You are setting the bar pretty high for future Mother's Day gifts!


Terryt1955 Funny - i stumbled across the blog...and it was in French and English - but I only looked at the pictures!! I think it does link to the 3 dudes and maybe even a missouri quilt company video... I just chose to match up the strips a bit so it wasn't so random in fabric placement.


Speattle I have to say I have a pretty awesome mother in law! but I don't see myself making her another one! She'll have to settle for earrings or a bracelet next year! I have a long list of relatives that would like a quilt... I don't think they understand the time (and $$) involved!


I think the extra step of matching up the strips is what is so appealing to me. I like scrappy to a point but if it looks like a bad acid trip I'm out! Tis will be the 2nd quilt of yours I have pinned in my Must make This Quilt. The other one was the ribbon star. I have 2 of the blocks done so far.


Whoops, it was your X Marks the Spot. I have all these leftover HST's from a quilt and I fell in love with your quilt so I'm copying you. So what are WE making next?!


Terryt1955 Working on the Scrappy Trip Along quilt - have 14 blocks complete. But now I need to cut more strips. Only using what is in my stash... I'm also helping my daughter's brownie troop earn their stitch it badge.... 10 mini quilts will need to be sandwiched, quilted, and bound!! What did I get myself into?


I really like this! What's not to like?? Lucky mom!!


I like the way you set the blocks to make the squares better than the original quilt. Really cute.


i love it!!


TiffanyRay , I love this quilt! The way you've done the squares is wonderful - and I want to do something similar with a jelly roll I have. My poor geometry-challenged brain is trying to work out how you did it - did you happen to blog about it somewhere? Or could you put me out of my geometry misery and tell me if you used 4 sets of strip blocks, or two for each set of completed blocks? (I could go and experiment but won't be able to for a day or two!)


Yarnosophy Hi! I sewed four strips together...if you click on the tutorial link, it will take you to the blog I used... I did mine a little more less scrappy, planning my blocks a little more.

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