9 Disappearing Mermaids by Joke


Disappearing nine patch


Before I started packing up my sewing room, I started putting together another baby quilt I was requested to make. 

The request was for the quilt to be "girl oriented" and roughly 36" x 36".

Even though there's a lot of blues in this, I hope the mermaids make it girly enough :fearful: I made sure the pink fabric was the middle block in the nine patch so that it would end up in every block.

I've started stitching it together to become one piece, but I've given up on it until after my move now because some of my corners weren't meeting and I got frustrated. Now I have to go finishing up packing my sewing room; while dreaming how I can arrange my new one once I'm moved in :grin:


I had a text message today from the guy who requested I make him a quilt advising he has found a new job and will be leaving in 3 weeks! As I go back to work on Tuesday after three weeks off (boo) I figured I better get my butt into gear and finish this quilt off; and I did!

I spent this afternoon finishing the piecing of the top, basting, quilting, and binding. Probably only took me maybe 4 hours to do all of that. It's certainly not perfect and I can nitpick a lot of errors in it (like the fabric started puckering and some of my binding stitches aren't even) however I for my second ever quilt, I am quite happy with how it came out :) I also had minimal issues with the machine binding this time, which excited me.

He wants to pay for this, but I have no idea what's an acceptable rate to charge?! I don't want to charge too much because it's not perfect since I'm just a beginner but I want to at least recoup my material costs which I think altogether would be around the $60 mark? This is so confusing :confounded:

7/4/13 :

Gave the quilt away on Thursday. It was well receieved by the little girl it was for :) Apparently she was enchanted by the mermaids, especially the princess ones, and liked pointing out all the colours. She also spent the night cuddled up in it to sleep! I may perhaps be asked to make another for this little girl's sibling which is on the way, once the parents know of the gender.


another block
playing around with the layout
binding ... don't be fooled; this is the best spot of my binding that I took a photo of, it's not so clean and tidy the rest of the way :P





Even with the blues, this definitely reads very much 'girly'. :) Those mermaids are so cute.


This is darling! And I agree with AllPatchedUp , the blue is a nice addition. Besides if it was too pink you'd have to call it Pepto Bismo! Good luck on your move and how exciting that you get to plan a new sewing room!


What delightful fabric choices! It is "girl" without being over the top. Lucky baby!


What a great quilt...love it and agree girly without being over the top.


Thanks! I'm actually sad I'll be giving it away as I've really come to like it! I can see how much more I've grown/learnt in the few weeks since completing my first and this one!


I think this is lovely! Remember that handmade doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. If people want perfection they can go to Pottery Barn and get the same blanket everyone else has. So try to be easier on yourself about the nitpicky things. :)

If you're uncomfortable charging for it, I think charging for materials is a good place to start, but you worked hard on it and it's beautiful so it wouldn't be out of line to add in for labor. I know some people figure out what their time is worth and then how long it took to make, then multiply that and add it in with the material cost.


Thanks, +Kritiananne. I'm trying to think of it that way!


This is a lovely girly baby quilt. Love the mermaid fabric you have used.


Don't you just love then it ends up being perfect!!


Adorable- and dittos on the perfection issue- just go to any upscale "boutique" type store ( the kind you find especially at vacation spots) and you'll see "handmade" items from all over the world- we ooh and ah at them-and they are great but a close look will show they aren't "perfect" either.
Anyway...its really lovely- do you know the name of the mermaid fabric- I know a little girl it would be perfect for!


Mymble the selvage says "Ack!" and "Merry Mermaids". I can't find too much about it on the internet, but I hope that helps a little octopus

I heard another story today how the little girl had an accident and the quilt needed to be washed. That night it was hanging up to dry and she refused to go to bed until she could take her quilt. So adorable heart_eyes


Joke Thanks- will start hunting- and the story is too sweet- you know she is loving that quilt forever:)))


Joke, this is so pretty; love the fabric and your binding is just great.


This is such a pretty and happy quilt!!!


Thankyou everyone relaxed


Joke - Update- Found the Merry Mermaids at JoAnn's- Thanks for the info, I was so happy to find it:)


Mymble That's so great you found it!! I hope you post what you make with it!


Will do...I have a vague idea ...thinking of circles of some kind but that's as far as I've gotten


Nice fabrics, colors, and I love the title.


Love the scrappy look and the mermaids are adorable...what a lucky little girl!


So pretty and fresh! You did a wonderful job and who doesn't love mermaids?!!


Love the pattern with the prints! Really nice, great scrappy look! :)


Thanks Clairealex , Mary , SewTam and Huntersmom !

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