Newbee Quilters, Hive #2: My block for April. by Juline


Modified bento box


I've decided on the Modified Bento Block for my Newbee Quilters (#2) bee block. I've uploaded a photo of the color pallete I'd like to use and I made a few blocks to get an idea what it would look like when finished.

I chose this block because it's got a casual feel to it -- sort of scrappy, funky, and forgiving of any "off" seams.

  • I'd like border #2 (surrounding the center block) to be white of some kind -- white on white, black on white, (I loooove text prints, hint-hint!), your choice, but more white than black.

  • I'd like one of the borders to be a solid of any color (in the palette I've chosen, obviously).

  • If you'd like to throw in a batik, go for it. You can see I used a few in my sample blocks.

  • Contrast is good, too. I didn't get a pic of it in the stack of fabrics, but I used a solid purple in at least one of the blocks, and I like that it kind of popped out. Same with the turquoise.

Please  don't quarter the blocks, just send them to me whole.

Easy enough, right?  Let me know if you have any questions.

FWIW, this will be the first non-wall quilt I'll be keeping for myself! I'm pretty excited about that. :)

3/26/13 CHANGE

Go ahead and use the tutorial I linked for this block, but use only three rings around the center block, and use the following measurements:

Please note your block should measure 13 inches square (not 16 like the tutorial).

Cut sizes:
Inner Square...4 inches
1st ring............2 inches
2nd ring...........1.5 inches
3rd ring............2.5 inches


I couldn't stay away from this any longer. I made up eight more blocks to add to my bee blocks, and today I'll start quartering and rearranging. I have a tentative plan for a layout (see drawing), but we'll see if I stick with that.

10/24/13...Finally back on the design wall! I'm determined to start sewing the blocks together in the next few days. There are SO many design options, though. I think I have enough blocks for TWO quilts, though (one with more negative space than the other), so I'm happy about that.

1/11/14....Assembling the first top. I've decided on a layout, but now I'm stuck with how to do the corners. (I've got it on my design wall horizontally because it wouldn't fit otherwise.) Can someone tell me how to calculate the corners that I've noted in pink? When I get the gray squared up then I'll probably add vertical-only borders, either with the backing fabric (yet to be purchased) or more Kona coal.

1/19/14...First top is complete. At first it was too long, so I chopped off the ends, thinking I could create a fold-over effect on the back, with the tips of the diamonds pointing toward the center. But then I realized I wasn't accounting for ANY extra fabric that you normally allow yourself on the back. So now what?? I can come up with something else, but first I want to make sure I can't somehow stick with my original plan.

1/27/14...Back is finished! I had one block contributed late (I'm sorry, I don't have a name attached to this one!) because she was replacing someone that disappeared, so I decided it should remain whole, just to show the origins of the whole thing. I may embroider my label into it, but I haven't decided if I want that in the center. If I do, it will be white-on-white, or purple-on-purple, something you can read up close, but doesn't distract from the design.

2/21/14...Finished with second top. Amazing how different the same fabrics and block can make such a different quilt. I have an idea of lots of cross-hatched straight-line quilting for this, but it will have to wait while I get back to non-personal projects.

3/16/14...Finished the back to go with second top. The on-point squares will line up with the negative space on the front of the quilt, and I'll quilt both sides so that whatever I quilt in the on-point squares will show up on the front. But for now it gets packed away until after our move in May.

6/29/15...More than a year later I'm finally working on these again. I rented time on a longarm today and did the flowers on the on-point quilt. I'll straight-line/echo the edges at home. Both of these quilts are on my list to finish in 2015.

7/9/15...Finished my first bee quilt this morning. (Thank you, Newbies #2!) I love it, and it's all mine. I knew last year it would get a flange, and I think the little bit of white around the edge was needed to let the batik binding show up. Which, BTW, matches sooo perfectly. I quilted the flowers on a longarm and the straight lines at home. 

7/31/15...FINISHED! I did indeed quilt the second one from both sides. I realize now most quilters do the same thing from the front, but I don't think I could have pulled it off without marking the quilt, and I just had this idea in my head and I couldn't let it go until I just did it. I quilted the entirety of this one on a longarm. 


Bottom, back
Kathie's block
True's block
AllPatchedUp's block
Curt's block
Curt's block
Existitchialism's block
Quilbee's block
Tracy's block
Linbur0100's block
Saruqa's block
LadyReed's block
squared, quartered, and shuffled.
This option would require 10 more blocks.





The navy print in the center with the white really catches my eye. Good selection. Look forward to seeing some finished blocks.


That was one of the first I pulled :).


Love this block and have never made it so excited! Great fabrics...


Fabrics...omg...can I have them??? LOL They are right up my color alley~


Thanks, everyone. Jodyrose , I gravitate towards these colors almost EVERY TIME I start a new project. I just can't help it!


Gorgeous block & colorway! I can't wait to get started :D


Just verifying ( because different screens can show a bit differently sometimes) you want navys, blues, purples and turquoise colors?


Yes, please. And thank you :).


I cannot wait to see these sliced and re-matched up!!


What great blocks and fantastic colors. Can't wait to see them all cut up and remixed!


I'm not in your hive, but I might have to try this block out - it looks really interesting~!


emptysea I'm with you. Not in this hive either, but I love the looks of this. Can't wait to see a finished top.


Wow this is going to be a great quilt


This is going to be gorgeous with those blocks...cannot wait to see it!


WOW!!! just saw most recent picture...


Looks amazing! I want a bento box quilt now : )


this is turning out great! The fabrics are really pretty together ~good color choices


Pretty. Can hardly wait to see the finished project. Was it hard to cut up those pretty squares?


Thanks, Seeneed . Actually, it wasn't that hard to cut them up. I knew they'd be even more complementary of each other when I mixed them up.


Just checking in with people I am following. I made the first comment on this project. Wow! Have you finished this yet? The quartered blocks are stunning!


I am loving what I see on your design wall. Love those colors, too! Can't wait to see this one finished!


Charwirfs , it's not finished yet. I'm in the middle of a round robin, a bee, and gift-making. But I ended up making enough blocks for TWO quilts (though each with a fair amount of negative space)! One I will assemble like you see above (somehow, haven't decided layout yet), and another will use this layout:


Here's a calculator for a 45 45 90 triangle. The hypotenuse /long side of your triangle should be the measurement of the two coal blocks they will be sewn to, just remember to take out your seam allowance.


I don't get it. :( The long side will be sewn to 23.5". When I plug that number into the calculator with a 45-deg angle, it comes out as 5656.9. ??


Hmm... When I put it in the long side and hit calculate is says you need a triangle with 16.6" legs to get the 23.5 long side.


A generously cut 16.5" square then cut into two triangles should do it by my reasoning.


Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Thank you so much, QCHandmade !


I have never done it but here is a site that helps that I have pinned for future use


Did you get this worked out? QCHandmade 's link does what I posted on IG and that number (16.6) is what you'd get by multiplying the long side by 0.707


I don't have any scraps big enough, HawkFan , so I'll have to wait till I can get to my LQS tomorrow. I'll let you know!



Love your current setting.


Thanks, Drnic2c . I actually wanted the white to intersect at the corners, but couldn't figure out how to do that, so I settled. :) I think I needed to incorporate that into the block design to make it work, but it was too late at that point.


This is looking wonderful! I so hate when I forget a key element and cut and then am like oops...but I bet you will figure it out and it will be beautiful???front and back


Ok no clue why those ??? Are there hit wrong key...there is no question it will be beautiful! Sorry


Thanks. But sorry for what? I don't see what you have to apologize for.


Juline well my ???? Made it look like I was questioning would it be beautiful...and I wasn't!


Your layout is wonderful! I LOVE it!


Thanks, Dtscrapper . I'm hoping to finish the back today. If that happens early enough, I'll be able to update my project.


This is beautiful! The back is as pretty as the front.


WOW absolutely gorgeous!! Lovely work.


The end result is lovely. I have been dying to see finished quilts from all the hives.


This is so striking. Love. It.


This is such a great color palette - and I really love how you laid out the blocks. And the back? Fantastic!


Wow really love your second quilt...and you are so right they are so different and yet both so gorgeous! You must be thrilled.


I like them both very much, but especially the white background one with its asymmetry. That block is on my list--it has so much potential.


Love both quilts & the back of the one. Turns out that block you left whole was mine. I started in June and went back and did your April one too. Love the idea of showing the origins


Wow you have made absolutely stunning quilts from your blocks. So creative and special...cannot wait to see them quilted!


Thanks, True ! I'm itching to quilt them, but it's going to be several months. But it will be in a new, bigger and better space! (We just bought a house, and it was my husband's idea to give me the master bedroom for my sewing/office space!)


Juline OMG that sounds like amazing space!!


I'm pretty excited about it, True . I'll have my own bathroom and a back door to a beautiful yard. (That I'm inheriting from the previous 90 y/o owner. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain it!)


Wow, this is outstanding. Thanks for the tutorial. Love your colors too.


Great quilts Juline ! I am happy I am part of them :)


As I said on IG this is gorgeous...really love quilting and everything you did with this quilt.


Beautiful finish!


I wish I could get inside your brain for a day and experience your creativity. You are amazing.


LOL, Terryt1955 ! Thank you, that's extremely flattering. Most of my creativity comes after the fabric is cut and I can play with it on my design wall. :)


Well then I guess I want to borrow your brain AND your design wall. It has magical properties!


Well, Terryt1955 , my design wall is 8' x 8', and I get to stare at it all day while I work (from home), so it kinda is magical. My mind has time to wander and imagine while I work (I caption live TV, so I'm held captive for hours at a time), and I'm able to come up with all kinds of ideas. Now if there was just enough time to execute them all.


Really two of the most spectacular quilts with bee blocks I have seen...colors, pattern, arrangement and quilting all perfection!


Thanks so much, True . I don't know if I've even seen any of the other quilts from our bee.


It would be nice to see a round up off all the finished quilts from our bee. I finished my maple leaf quilt last year


Juline mine is done as well...a while ago but nothing as spectacular as yours...but I use it all the time. I would also love to see others!


True Quilbee I haven't finished my wonky house quilt yet. I want to make some wonky trees to go between the blocks which is what slowed me down but I will definitely finish it - I love all my blocks. So nice to see the bee quilts finished.


Beautiful! Love your color choices!

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