Marcelle Medallion by Kristananne


Marcelle medallion


I discovered this quilt through Instagram.  Lately IG has been the venue for a lot of informal quilt alongs, including the Scrappy Trip Around the World and The X and + quilt.  Then some people started up with the Marcelle Medallion from the book Liberty Love by Alexia Marcelle Abegg and I got bit by the bug.  

I ordered the book almost the instant I heard about it and, thanks to Amazon Prime, had it in my hands in a couple of days.  While awaiting delivery, I rummaged through my fabric and got my color palette ready.  When the book arrived, I immediately traced the templates onto freezer paper and got all the pieces for the center star cut out.

Then I stalled.  Not because I wasn't excited anymore, but because I needed to get other things done.  Bee blocks, commissioned sewing, things like that.  And then I found the time to start up again.  

My center star is off at some points, but it doesn't look so bad.  The triangle border is off quite a bit, but I still don't mind.  I am just having fun with this quilt.  And after seeing some amazing quilts hanging at QuiltCon with the same types of lovely inaccuracies (even some that placed!), I've decided to stop being so hard on myself about perfect matching seams and points.  Time to start having fun again!

UPDATE 8/31/13: I have finally quilted this!  I ran out of steam when it came time to cut binding strips.  I am determined to finish over this long Labor Day weekend though!   

UPDATE 9/1/13: DONE!!!  Finally.  I started this quilt 6 months ago today, so I am super glad to cross this UFO off the list.  You may notice I left the last border off.  Honestly, I couldn't decide which fabric to use, and finally just thought "Why not just leave it off?".  Looks fine to me!  :)  Unfortunately, I had some issues during quilting and the back is a hot mess.  There are 3 really bad, obvious folds that got quilted over that I didn't notice until it was too late.  I am pretty sure it happened because I spray basted and then had to cram a lot of the quilt into the tiny harp space on my little machine to do the quilting.  Super bummed about it, but what can I do?  At least it's not a gift or something.  :)






Well given how gorgeous this is you should love it! But must say I like the idea of being less hard on ourselves;-). Also love the white plate...when I was a little girl my mom had similar plates and I thought they were so special...actually she probably still has them!


True Thanks True! The white plate is a milk glass piece I picked up at a thrift store (I collect milk glass). I just love it! I am looking for more so I can hang a grouping together on the wall, but for now I use it to corral my sewing bits. :)


Kristananne So maybe I should find out of my mom still has them now I know what they are! Knowing her I bet she does.


True totally! I don't think milk glass is very rare, but I'm sure there are some valuable pieces out there. I just collect it because it's pretty. :) I mostly have bud vases, which seem to be abundant.


So pretty in these colors!


So pretty. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.


Wow, this is just gorgeous. Love it!


Wow... I love it and want to do one!


Realllly great looking quilt! Love your fabrics and the pattern is awesome!


I sure do like it! If you wanted to make it a gift, I'd love it :)
I've admired the pattern everywhere, and love your fabric choices.


I also love it and would be quite happy (ok thrilled to pieces) to receive a quilt like this as a gift. I do not think in the long run the back issues matter. They matter to you a lot in this moment and then with time "we" forget they are there (there is actually a term for this process I cannot recall but just heard it on show Perception!). It is beautiful!!


Really pretty.... and dittos to True 's comments- the back issues won't matter in the long run because this will be a well loved quilt.


Do Not worry about some folds in the back, it really won't matter with the front of this one being so lovely. Plus, really who sees the back once they are cuddled up into it.


So gorgeous! Love all your fabric choices, and that you were watching West Wing while you were working on it ;)

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