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Go! be dazzled
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I have only ever been to 2 quilt shows, one this year and one last year.  Both years, the Best of Show winners were made using machine embroidery designs by Sarah Vedeler. In 2012 it was a quilt made using her G0! Be Dazzled embroidery designs and piecing instructions.  In 2012 it was Sedona Star, which was the 2012 BOM quilt on The Quilt Show, which is primarily paper pieced  and appliqued with some areas of machine embroidery (or not). 
I am motivated to do both, but had to quickly make a decision on which to do first. I  am going on a girl's sewing retreat week-end soon and the one I choose will be my take along project.  I have the instructions and patterns for the Sedona Star, but there are a million paper piecing pages to be printed and I don't have the embroidery designs yet.  I already have the instructions, embroidery designs and cutting dies for Go! Be Dazzled, so the decision is made.

3-21-13:  I bought only about about a yard each of the fabrics that I think might work for me in this quilt.  I don't want to commit to the fabric until I have had a chance to try it out by making a sample or two.   I have been studying the instructions and gathering the supplies.

3-22-13:  The instructions call for only 3 different fabrics, a dark, a medium and a light.  I stitched a sample block to see if I am happy with my fabric choices and to decide on thread colors.  I am trying to emulate the colors that were used in the 2012 winning quilt. I like my dark and medium fabrics, but  I need to choose a different "light" fabric.  I used several different color combos of the thread in my sample block to help decide which I really like better.  The inspiration quilt had pretty punches of bright colors so I am also using her thread choices as my guide.

3-23-13  I found a small piece of light colored fabric in my stash that I think will work better so I stitched out a "real" block using this new fabric.  I really like how this block turned out, now I need to see if I can find the same, or at least very similar fabric to use through out the quilt.


First "Real" block is finished. I am much happier with the light fabric used in this block.
Sample stitch out. The light fabric stands out too much. I played with several different thread color combos to help decide.
My fabric choices. After stitching the sample block, I decided that I need a less contrasting light.
My Inspiration! I hope to emulate the color choices.





This is beyond gorgeous...wow!! I love both of your blocks and can only imagine how spectacular this will be done!

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