Hexadaisy Rainbow by Scientificquilter


Assembling Top


The pattern from Craftsy, I saw someone on flickr did this quilt, so I had to do it too. My cup o' tea - geometric and black. Easy enough to do. So far. Now I'm at the steps to sew the segments together.

One note, it only took me a week to get all the pieces pieced on this thing. I wish I had made the pattern bigger.   

This is not a free pattern by craftsy, I am putting the link to the pattern location below where it says tutorial. The cost was small, and to buy it you have to have a craftsy account and download as a pdf.  The pattern I bought was pretty explicit and very well done, in addition to showing alternate arrangements.

Update 4/25/2013:
I do wish I had made the original project bigger, and I had already cut out & folded some pattern pieces on the same size, they are still sitting on my table.  I did originally intend for the second quilt to be blues and pinks and that one I wanted to give away for the quilt auction.  But since I wanted MY version to be rainbow (the one I am keeping) I just decided to upsize the pattern and then gift the already done smaller rainbow quilt that was completed.

The first picture of my project on Craftsy is the original smaller version of this pattern.

I have completed my 2nd, larger, version of the original design.  The original pattern designer is PieceByNumber, her screen name on Craftsy. After posting the picture on Craftsy pattern, she asked me how I was going to finish it. This got me thinking about doing something more with the quilt and just leaving the original pattern as the center of the quilt alone.  I thought about it for a day or so, and it is tumbling in my mind and I have come up with a few ideas for the outside. I have debated about the striped fabric in the center and after making the first of 6, I think I will keep the striped fabric and see how it looks in context with everything else. 

I have to preview my design before being happy so I have done an EQ7 sort of simulation (without getting the rings right, and then I decided to layout what I have done already. OOHH cool!

 I am getting excited about the updated design and I think the pattern designer will like it too.

Update July 27, 2013

I finished the smaller of the two quilts in time for the quilt show. I had some issues with the tension and nesting on the back of the quilt, so I didn't exactly quilt it the way I wanted to.  I put the smaller of the two quilts up for auction and it only received about the same as my materials cost or so.  I thought about buying it back, but I had already spent a ton of money at the show, and so I didn't, even though I did drive up the price a little bit with a nice bid.






This is just beautiful!


This is lovely. Thanks for the review of the pattern, too!


That is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


It took me a while to realise what you meant by the stripe, but once I saw it I think, I'm not convinced by it - I prefer the plainer black. But I would also say that this is fabulous and whatever you do with it it will look stunning when finished!


Jenniesthreads I had a similar comment on flickr this AM, someone thought that no matter what I put in the middle, it was pretty neeto (my words not hers). Actually I ran quick to the LQS before it closed today and found a nice swirly grey. So I went with option: none of the above. Thanks for commenting, I will take the project out of distress. I had never used that feature before, so it was tesing that out too. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for all the comments on this project. The pattern pieces really lend themselves to playing around, and I am glad I stumbled on it. Yes, it's paper piecing, but none of the paper pieces are particularly hard to do, just organizing is a pain. Zooming through the project at lightning speed (for me). :)


Stunning. And your colours really ping against the black.


Love your colors! You are having fun!


Were you a math teacher? I love this very geometric quilt but don't think I would have the patience for all the odd angles.


Oh yes I am having a lot of fun with these colors and going for the 2nd round of this pattern. Loved that I was able to get the pattern pieces & use them in a new way.
And yes Seeneed I wasn't a math teacher, but I took many layers of math during physics degree, and taught physics, so that's lower level math (alg & trig & geometry used many days oh so long ago). I love the geometric, but there is really no difference with the odd angles. 60 degrees isn't "that hard" as long as you keep in mind all the points and stuff. If I hadn't sewn the middle down, I would just have 8 rows to sew together. As it is sewn down, I will need to do a couple of Y seams, but only a few. Very fun to do!

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON